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October 22, 2020

For Immediate Release
Oct. 22, 2020

Nation makes hunting permits available to citizens

Four hunting areas designated in McIntosh Co.

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Wildlife Program is providing hunting permits for the year to any Muscogee (Creek) citizen who would like to hunt on select Muscogee (Creek) Reservation land.

Program Coordinator Kathryn Sunny says there are no fees for the permits. Citizens who wish to hunt simply need to sign a liability form and show a copy of their MCN Citizenship card.

Sunny said in the MCN Wildlife Codes, the MCN is required to give hunting permits to gather, hunt and fish.

“We can only do this on MCN properties,” she said.

There are four designated properties within the MCN for hunting, and altogether, over 2,000 acres.

“Since this is our first year in giving out hunting permits, we are going to start small,” Sunny said. “These properties will be located in McIntosh County and next year we hope to expand it.”

There will be a sign on each property and there is no limit to the number of citizens hunting on the properties.

“We are not going to limit on how many citizens can be on a certain property for hunting at a certain time or day,” Sunny said.

Sunny said it is walk-in only on the properties.

“We are not allowing any all-terrain vehicles, or any vehicles on these properties,” she said.

The permit is valid from Oct. 2020 to March 1, of 2021. Sunny said there will be an announcement made when hunting permits are available for the Spring 2021 season.

To obtain a permit or for more information, contact Kathryn Sunny at: 918-549-2543 or