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A word from Chief & Second Chief

June 5, 2020

Hesci! What a wonderful week it has been as we welcomed our Nation’s employees back to work.  While the offices are still closed to the public, it is nice to get back to a sense of normal operations. Also, it was a great week for our gaming facilities as they reopened their doors to patrons and guests while resuming business with adjusted hours and a heightened focus on health and safety protocol.

Our Lighthorse Police Department assisted in ensuring public safety at our facilities in the Tulsa area this week. We are proud of our men and women in uniform for answering the call and we will continue to keep them and the peaceful protestors in our prayers while asking our citizens to do the same as they will be needed in these uncertain times.

We have an update on the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Coronavirus Relief Fund. The plan has been finalized and sent over to the National Council for legislation. We’re confident that this plan utilizes this historic opportunity to recover and repair COVID-19 related losses to stabilize the tribe’s future, while also meeting immediate need of citizens who have been most affected by the pandemic.

It is the duty of the Principal Chief’s office to select and present a cabinet to National Council for approval. This office took an innovative approach in making these selections by announcing a public call for qualified applicants to apply for these positions. The response was overwhelming with over a hundred applicants. The initial in-person interview process included over 80 individuals. The final interview process included a team of qualified individuals consisting of former National Council representatives, former cabinet members and attorneys, we felt this team was appropriate to evaluate the knowledge and aptitude of applicants on what it takes to be a successful executive cabinet member at the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. While we apologize that this has been a lengthy process which included interruptions beyond our control, we are satisfied that we were still able to give a decision-making process of this magnitude the proper consideration.

We are excited to start putting plans into action. Continue to pray with us for the guidance and wisdom needed to make the best decisions for the progress and prosperity of all Muscogee people. As always, we feel and appreciate your support.

Mvto and God Bless!

David W. Hill, Principal Chief

Del Beaver, Second Chief

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  1. I really hope you plan on disbursing find fairly. Considering all other tribes has made funds available to all their citizens. Not just ones in jurisdictions. Considering there isn’t any percap from the gaming centers I doubt investing the money into them help your people.

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