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The Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council passed NCA 21-077 providing financial relief to all Muscogee citizens. Citizens can apply for the ARPA Direct Assistance utilizing the Camphouse Portal or by calling the Assistance Call Center 918-549-2885.

What is required to apply?

Citizen applicants must provide their social security number, date of birth, physical (and mailing) address, and list of MCN citizen household members. Additional questions are included on the form to provide future information about how MCN can best provide support during and after the Pandemic.

Where do I apply?

Requests will be accepted electronically or over the telephone.  Please login to the Camphouse Portal and select “ARPA-Direct Assistance” at the top of the Portal or call 918-549-2885 to submit a request.

How will I receive my payment?

Payments for households with five or fewer MCN citizens will be made utilizing VISA debit cards. Please retain cards issued, because these will also be used to make distributions for the Citizen Vaccination Incentive Program. Households with more than five MCN citizens must provide banking information for Direct ACH Payments.

When should I expect to receive my payment?

We anticipate 10-14 days for application processing and approval. Please allow an additional 10 days after the approval to receive your money. Status of your application may be checked in the Camphouse Portal under “My Applications.”

I’ve seen CIRIA, APRA, and Direct Assistance.  What is the name of the Program?

NCA 21-077 officially titled the program COVID-19 Individual Relief Impact Assistance (CIRIA).  However, others have adopted ARPA or Direct Assistance instead.  In publications, we have adopted ARPA Direct Assistance or ARPA DA in place of CIRIA.

Citizenship Questions

Can I register using my CDIB card for ARPA Direct Assistance? 

No. A Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card is different from a Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship Card. A CDIB card is authorized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, while a Citizenship Card is issued and authorized by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

In order to be eligible for ARPA Direct Assistance, an applicant must be an enrolled citizen of Muscogee (Creek) Nation.  Below is a sample of the most recent citizenship card for reference.

What if my citizenship card is expired? Can I still register?

Yes. It is important for citizens to keep the information up to date within the Citizenship database.  An expired citizenship card will not prevent you from registering for Camphouse. The Camphouse Portal will allow citizens to register as long as the information below is provided and matches the information in the MCN Citizenship database:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Last Four of Social Security Number


If the information on my citizenship card does not match my legal information, do I need to update my information with Citizenship?

Yes. If your legal name, date of birth, or social security does not match citizenship information, the payment process is likely to fail. Muscogee (Creek) Nation encourages you to update your information with the Citizenship Office before you make an application to ARPA Direct Assistance Program.

Can I apply for assistance on behalf of household members who are eligible for citizenship, but have not yet received citizenship cards and roll numbers?

The ARPA Direct Assistance application is limited so that only one application can be submitted per portal registrant.  If you are waiting for citizenship roll numbers for minor dependents, we recommend that you do not apply until the entire household has received their roll numbers.

Camphouse Portal and Login Questions

What if I made a mistake on my registration on Camphouse and it won’t let me change the error on my profile?

If an error is made in a non-editable field of the “My Profile” section, you can request a change through In your request, please include your first and last name, roll number and contact phone number for follow-up action.

Can more than one person use the same e-mail address?

Yes. The Camphouse Portal will allow for multiple profiles to be registered under the same e-mail address.

Camphouse Profile Questions

What is the link to the Camphouse Portal?

The Camphouse Portal website address is

When should I contact Camphouse Support instead of Direct Assistance Support?

Concerns regarding portal registration should be sent to  Issues or questions related to the ARPA Direct Assistance application should be sent to

Can I add non-Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizens to my household account? 

Citizens are not required to add non-Citizens or citizens of other tribes to their portal profile, but this information may be useful for future applications with the Nation. Information provided in your household may be automatically added in future applications where the information is required. Likewise, any household member may be added to your profile without a roll number.


What if there are household members who are not citizens or citizens of other tribes? Do I have to include their roll number for another tribe in the household information?

The inclusion of non-Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens in your Camphouse profile is entirely up to you.  This section of the profile does not require that you enter roll numbers for any household member, only their first and last name and their relation to you.

When will the COVID Vaccination Incentive be available?

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation plans to launch the application for the citizen COVID Vaccination Incentive on October 1, 2021.  These applications will be available in the Camphouse Portal and will follow similar payment processes.

ARPA Direct Assistance Application Questions

What is the cutoff date for the ARPA Direct Assistance Program?

Muscogee (Creek) Nation encourages citizens to apply at their earliest convenience.  We intend to close applications on or before June 30, 2022.

How do I apply if I don’t have an e-mail address?

Those who do not have e-mail addresses or access to the internet can call 918-549-2885 to apply.

Do I have to register for the portal before applying for the ARPA Direct Assistance Program?

Yes. In order to apply electronically for the ARPA Direct Assistance Program, you must register in Camphouse Portal, then complete the Request.

Can I submit multiple applications for the ARPA Direct Assistance Program?

No. The ARPA Direct Assistance application is limited so that only one application can be submitted per portal registrant. If you mistakenly submit an application, please contact us at    918-549-2885 or

Can citizen spouses apply for the funds together? 

No. ARPA Direct Assistance requires that citizens 18 and over apply individually for funds. If an applicant attempts to apply on behalf of another adult, the applicant will be required to provide documentation that authorizes them to do so.

I’m a part of Tribal Town but heard I can get COVID relief from both since I am a Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizen.  Is this true?

Yes. NCA 21-077, as amended, only requires that the individuals requesting assistance be an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Other affiliations with tribal towns or related distributions are not subject to the rules of this legislation.

I’m a non-citizen but have custody of my native grandchildren without access to the internet.  How will I submit information to complete my application?

If you are a non-citizen applying on behalf of a citizen, the application must be made over the phone with one of the Customer Service Representatives. Documentation illustrating your legal authority to make the application must be provided prior to approval. Those documents can be sent to or mailed to the address below:

ARPA Direct Assistance Program – Muscogee (Creek) Nation

PO BOX 580

Okmulgee, OK 74447

How do incarcerated citizens apply for the Direct Assistance Program?

There are multiple ways for incarcerated citizens to apply for the Direct Assistance Program.  If they have access to a computer, they can apply online and request special payment processing.  If not, a caseworker or representative can make an application on their behalf as long as they have the relevant information.

I have power of attorney for an adult citizen.  It’s on file at Citizenship, will the APRA Direct Assistance Application require that I upload the information to the portal.

In circumstances like this MCN employees will make an attempt to verify this information.  However, the information provided to Citizenship is protected under Muscogee (Creek) Nation law. Therefore, we recommend that this information be sent electronically to or mailed to the address below:

ARPA Direct Assistance Program – Muscogee (Creek) Nation

PO BOX 580

Okmulgee, OK 74447

Dependent Application Questions

Can a dependent who is 18 years or older apply for ARPA Direct support if they are still living at home?  I have them listed on my portal because I claim them to apply for other services such as clothing assistance.  Will this mess things up with them being listed on both portals?

No. In fact, spouses and partners can list each other on the Camphouse profile, as long each citizen avoids applying for the same assistance on behalf of the same citizen. ARPA Direct Assistance requires individuals 18 years and older in the household to apply separately to assist in the processing efficiency of applications and avoid duplication of applications.

If a parent claims an 18-year-old on taxes and the 18-year-old makes their own ARPA Direct Assistance application, who claims the 18-year-old in total income? 

Muscogee (Creek) Nation does not make determinations about individual citizen’s tax implications.  However, we will not issue any tax documentation related to the payment unless otherwise required to do so.  We encourage citizens to consult an expert if there are concerns about tax implications.

What documentation is required to illustrate that I have primary custody of citizen children?

Muscogee (Creek) Nation will collect legal documentation that indicates a parent’s authority to request funds on behalf of a child whenever there are custody questions.  Non-citizen parents can make applications by calling 918-549-2885 and e-mail documentation to Documents that may be provided include, but are not limited to, divorce decrees and custody agreements.

If parents have joint custody and one parent is a citizen and the other is a non-citizen, who registers and gets the money for the citizen children?

Either parent can submit an application and receive funds on behalf of a dependent citizen.  (Non-citizen parents must call 918-549-2885 to submit an application). However, if there’s a custody agreement in place, that documentation must illustrate that the parent applying has the legal authority to request and receive support on behalf of the citizen dependent.

My spouse and I are separated, but we have not divorced and have no custody agreement.  There is no documentation regarding custody.  Who claims the dependent, is it first come, first serve?

If no legal document is available to illustrate primary custody to either parent, then Muscogee (Creek) Nation will make payment to the first person that applies.  Ultimately, the Nation would like parents to discuss this application determine who should receive payment on behalf of the dependent.

Payment Questions

I have minor Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizens but I’m not native, will the debit card come in my name or the child’s name?

Payments can only be made to individuals 18 years or older. Non-citizens adults applying on behalf of citizen dependents will receive payment in the adult applicant’s name.

How long after I complete the application will I receive my money?

Muscogee (Creek) Nation estimates that payment receipts will improve overtime, your application status can be monitored in the Camphouse Portal. We anticipate 10-14 days for application processing and approval. Please allow an additional 10 days after the approval to receive your money. The status of your application may be checked in the Camphouse Portal under “My Applications.”

Why are funds being issued on visa debit cards?

Muscogee (Creek) Nation learned many lessons during our last large financial distribution. The Nation believes that issue debit cards will reduce fraud and provide more efficiency in processing payments.  Additionally, payment cards are reloadable and future funds, including the vaccination incentive can be added seamlessly.

No singular process is perfect for every single citizen, but the Nation is making its best effort to serve the majority of our citizens.

Will there be fees associated with the debit card?

The cardholder will not incur any fees for normal use of the debit card when purchasing items from a merchant. It is most likely that cardholders will experience fees associated with cash withdraws or foreign transactions.  A complete list of fees will be included in information when a card is issued and activated.

Will the funds be distributed to adult dependents in the household?

Yes. If the applicant has the legal authority to request assistance on behalf of the adult and provides that documentation. ARPA Direct Assistance policy requires that dependents who are 18 and over and capable of applying separately, apply on their own.

What if Muscogee (Creek) Nation makes payment to an applicant erroneously?

Muscogee (Creek) Nation will turn over any cases of fraudulent applications made to the ARPA Direct Assistance Program to the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution on Muscogee (Creek) Nation law.

What if I cannot activate my card?

If citizens cannot activate their visa debit card, it is likely citizen information provided does not meet the identity requirements set forth under the Custom Identification Program (CIP). Please contact 918-549-2885 if you are unable to activate your card.

What if I have trouble using the payment card?

The payment card vendor provides customer service. Please contact the customer service number on the back of the card for information regarding payment concerns or balance inquiries.

What if my card has a zero balance when I receive it?

Muscogee (Creek) Nation, is making every effort to ensure this does not occur. However, there is a lag time between when the card is ordered and shipped to the citizen and when the Nation can put funds on the account. Please allow up 10 business days after receipt for funds to be loaded to the card.

What do I do if I don’t know my roll number?
If you do not know your roll number you can contact the Citizenship Office at (918) 732-7941. Once the Enrollment Specialist have verified your identity, they can provide your roll number to you.

I have submitted my citizenship application but have not received my Citizenship cards yet. Will I be able to apply?
Per NCA21-098 Those applying for citizenship shall have the citizenship application submitted and postmarked to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizenship Office by September 30, 2021, and once citizenship is approved shall be eligible to apply for financial assistance through the CIRIA Program. Upon initial review by the Citizenship Office, the application will be reviewed for completeness. If any application is deemed to be incomplete, the applicant will be sent a certified letter requesting the additional required documents. The applicant will have ninety (90) calendar days from the date of issuance to submit the required documents. If the requested documents are not returned within ninety (90) days, the applicant will be deemed ineligible for the funding from the CIRIA Program.

Do you have to get a new CBID card before you can apply?
CDIB cards do not imply citizenship with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation therefore you must be an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to be eligible for the CIRIA Program.

What if our citizenship ID is technically expired? 
Citizenship does not expire. The expiration date on your citizenship ID does not affect your enrollment status.

What if you only have a CDIB card?
CDIB cards do not imply citizenship with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation therefore you must be an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to be eligible for the CIRIA Program.

My child was born overseas so we haven’t enrolled them yet. I was told they can’t enroll because they don’t have a State-issued birth certificate but they are an American citizen with a passport. Would they be eligible?
If your child is a US citizen then you would just need to provide a Consular Report of Birth Abroad and an affidavit from the Creek parent. The affidavits can be downloaded from the forms on the Citizenship page of the Muscogee Nation website:…/cit…/citizenship-forms/

What is the process to change my name?
Name changes can take place by requesting a name change on the Universal Citizenship Form and submitting supporting documentation as follows: name changes due to marriage can be done by submitting a certified copy of the citizen’s marriage certificate or submitting 3 forms of ID showing the married name. Legal name changes due to a court order need to have a certified copy of the court order submitted.

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