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At Large Citizens: In State

Within the Administration Department and under the general direction of the Principal Chief, the Tribal Liaison for At-Large Citizens coordinates with Muscogee (Creek) Nation departments as appropriate to provide information and advice to Muscogee (Creek) citizens who live outside Muscogee (Creek) boundaries in compliance with applicable federal and tribal laws, regulations, and rules.


  • Serve as the contact person for At-Large citizens.
  • Provide outreach to At-Large citizens.
  • Assist at-large citizens with access to applicable tribal programs.
  • Provide information to at-large citizens regarding applicable local, state, federal and non-profit services.
  • Coordinate effectively with MCN departments, National Council members and leadership.

Department of Community & Human Services

School Clothing (918) 549-2473

Social Services(918) 549-2445

Hardship Program

Medical Travel

Natural Disaster

Tribal Burial Program

Funeral Food Assistance (reimbursement up to $300)

Supplemental Burial Program (must meet all BIA guidelines)

Tribal Energy Program

Mvskoke Nation Youth Services

Mvskoke Nation Youth Council

Mvskoke Youth Opportunity Grant

Department of Education

Higher Education(918) 732-7661

Employment & Training Tribal Grant & Incentive ONLY (918) 732-7773

MCN Scholarship Foundation(918) 732-7754


Mortgage Down Payment and Closing Costs Program – (918) 549-2500

 Contract Health Services

Tribal Vision Program(918) 758-2710

The Tribal Vision Program provides assistance to eligible Creek citizens who reside within the State of Oklahoma in obtaining a vision examination and eye glasses. Citizens are eligible every two years for this program and must fill out an application and follow these general guidelines:

  • Applicant must use MCN contracted optometrist or any Tribal/IHS facility optometrist
  • CONTRACT PROVIDER: Prior approval must be obtained before an appointment can be scheduled with the contract optometrist
  • TRIBAL FACILITY: Applicant must provide their prescription or order form from the optometrist and it must be written within a 6-month period
  • Payer of last resort meaning all resources must be utilized first and there is a benefit limit for exam ($60.00) and glasses ($240.00)

Funding is expended based on priority guidelines with enrolled original allottees and children 18 years of age and under receiving the highest priority. Click here for application.

Contracting and Employment Support  – Employment Support

CESO offers Employment Support to all Muscogee (Creek) Citizens residing within or outside of MCN boundaries. CESO also assists members of other federally recognized tribes living within MCN boundaries in cases where their Tribe is unable to assist.
Funds can be used for items needed to begin employment or maintain current employment. Items such as; work clothing, tools, training,certification, licensure and hardship assistance are examples of assistance provided.
Documentation of citizenship and secured employment is required to apply for funds. Assistance based on fund availability.
CLICK on the EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT link below then go to the Job Bank Application!


Other Citizen Services

Citizenship(918) 732-7941

Election Board(918) 732-7631

Muscogee (Creek) Nation At-Large Citizen Services Booklet

The guide booklet below is intended to be a brief summary of programs and services available to Muscogee (Creek) citizens who live outside our boundaries (At-Large). Please note that each program may have different eligibility requirements and guidelines. Information included is subject to change. Please consult appropriate departments for details, deadlines and updates. 


Anne Townsend-Edwards
Tribal Liaison
The Muscogee Nation
P.O. Box 580 | Okmulgee, OK 74447
T (918) 549-2709 | C (539) 286-3577

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