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Arbor Care Services


The goal of this service department is provide Muscogee Creek Nation citizens, Tribal entities and Tribal Departments, arbor care services with no out of pocket expenses to them.

Mission Statement

To provide complete arbor care service to Muscogee citizens in times of disasters and perform hazard mitigation needs in the realm of arbor care to Muscogee Creek Nation citizens and on all tribally owned properties at no cost.


  • Must be Muscogee Creek citizen. Property must be Creek owned, no rentals.
  • Will only perform services that pose a threat to life or property.
  • Citizens must sign pre-approval form before task is performed.
  • Tree service will be performed per SOP only.
  • Only tree trimming services will be performed.
  • Brush pickup will be storm debris only and stacked for access – within close proximity to house.
  • No shrubs will be cut or trimmed.
  • No stump grinding
  • Removals – Wood will be left on site to be hauled at an later date.
  • No fence rows cleared, unless between houses.
  • No trimming of trees for mowing access.

Arbor Care Plan of Action

The Arbor Care Service Department will be working throughout the Muscogee Creek Nation jurisdictional boundary mitigating it’s properties and the properties of it’s member from tree’s, tree branches and tree limbs that could destroy or do damage to living structures, utilities or obstruct emergency services or aid to an individual’s home.

This department will be taking individual call-ins, Churches, Ceremonial grounds and tribal government properties and will respond to them in a timely manner. The Housing administration will be supplying the Arbor Care Department with a list of homes categorized by county, then by city within each of these counties.

The supervisor will then survey the needs of each of these sights and schedule homes as needed.

As the supervisor schedules the homes for service, he will also be contacting the Geospatial Department with information that has been generated from the assessments and this data can then be entered into the Geospatial Data Management system.

Wood that can be used for heating will be left at each sight if client wishes or it will be taken by the crew for further distribution to tribal citizens. In the case of emergency this department will be on 24 hour call out for tree branch, tree limb and tree removal from homes, driveways and entrances for emergency access/egress only.


Allen King Supervisor (918) 752-8577
James Hicks Assistant Supervisor (918) 752-9205
Phil Booker Risk Management Manager (918) 732-7794
Sylvia Tulsa Safety/Risk Management (918) 732-7795

Arbor Care Services
Okmulgee, OK 74447

Phone: (918) 752-8577

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