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BIA Wildland Fire Management

Our Mission is to execute our fiduciary trust responsibility by protecting lives, property, and resources while restoring and maintaining healthy ecosystems through cost-effective and creative fire-management programs, collaboration, and promoting Indian self-determination.

Wildfire Prevention and Education

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Tribal Wildfire Prevention programs across the country provide leadership, training and guidance to develop strategies to reduce the number of human-caused fires on Indian Lands. Prevention program staff works closely with tribal leaders and communities to:

  • Implement burn permit systems.
  • Raise public awareness regarding human caused fires.
  • Develop community wildfire protection plans.
  • Invite community involvement to mitigate wildfire activity.
  • Conduct origin and cause wildfire investigations
  • Develop or revise Tribal law and ordinance codes pertaining to wildfire crimes.
  • Pursue fire trespass where damage occurs from human-caused wildfires.
  • Conduct outreach programs at various schools and events throughout Muscogee (Creek) Nation jurisdiction.
  • Mitigate hazardous fuels where urbanization interfaces with the wildland.

To All Tribal Citizens:

If you would like to have a prescribed burn and/or mechanical treatment conducted on your Tribal trust or restricted property.

The hazardous fuels reduction consent form is required for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to conduct prescribed burns or mechanical treatments on Tribal trust or Restricted property.

If there are multiple heirs associated to the Restricted property, the BIA requires majority consent of the heirs.

Upon receipt of the consent form, a site visit will be conducted and the project area to be treated will be assessed. Hazardous fuels reduction projects may require long-term planning. If you choose to submit a request, please mail COMPLETED forms to:

Charles Harley                                                    FAX: (918) 752-0640

Bureau of Indian Affairs                                    Office: (918) 752-0657

Okmulgee Agency

P.O. Box 370

Okmulgee, Ok 74447


*Please keep a copy of request for your records

Resource Links

Burn Permit Weather:

For information concerning BURN BANS and FIRE weather:

To learn more about protecting your home and property from wildfire, contact your

Bureau of Indian Affairs Prevention Technician for Home Assessments

Local fire department or visit the following sites:

Bureau of Indian Affairs-Branch of Wildland Fire Management:
Fire Adapted Communities:
Ready, Set, Go!:
Bureau of Indian Affairs/National Interagency Fire Center:
Follow the Eastern Oklahoma Region Forestry & Wildland Fire Management Facebook at

“A Return to Tradition”
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To Receive a Copy of “A Return to Tradition”
Visit the Bureau of Indian Affairs Okmulgee Agency Fire Building
Located on the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Complex 1Block East of Hwy 75 on Eufaula St

Fire Use and Fuels Management

The Fire Use and Fuels Management program in Indian Country manages a variety of ecosystems across the Unites States that range from arid, to humid, warm to cold and sea level to over 10,000 feet elevations. The areas of responsibility are a broad spectrum of landscapes, fuels and ecosystems spanning from Alaska to Florida.

The exclusion of fire on the landscape has created vegetative conditions that no longer look or have the ecological conditions they once did. Today’s landscapes are ripe for disease, insect infestation, and catastrophic wildfires. Global climate change, invasive species, threatened and sensitive species and extreme competition for funding is further increasing the complexity to treat hazardous fuels on the landscape.

The mission of the Program is to:

Provide leadership, executive direction, technical assistance and guidance to regional, tribal and agency hazardous fuels management programs.

The Program supports fuels projects that:

  • Create a safe environment for fire fighters and those who live and recreate in fire prone ecosystems
  • Meet tribal resource management goals
  • Involve collaborative efforts with stake holders to reduce risks to communities, restore and maintain healthy ecosystems, and protect our cultural and natural resources
  • Restore fire as a natural and managed process in fire dependent ecosystems
  • Develop and maintain a competent and skilled work force
  • Integrate fuels reduction with other natural resource program activities
  • Support biomass utilization and promote healthy economies
  • Incorporate fire monitoring to measure fire effects and assure desired conditions are met

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Okmulgee Agency
Wildland Fire Management
P.O. Box 370
Okmulgee, OK 74447

P: (918) 752-0657
F: (918) 752-0604

To report a fire on or near trust
or restricted property

(918) 752-7397 | (918) 752-7340

Office Hours

8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Monday – Friday
Closed all Federal Holidays

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