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Community Research & Development

The mission of the Community Research & Development (CR&D) department is to provide Muscogee (Creek) Nation communities with training and technical assistance while working to increase community participation through increased programming, community, and cultural outreach. CR&D will assist the communities in an array of areas including, but not limited to, constitutions, by-laws, social/economic development, and organizational development. CR&D staff will work closely with other departments to increase the available resources and create a cooperative environment that will benefit the Nation as a whole.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation
Community Research & Development Department
P.O. Box 580
Okmulgee, OK 74447


Office: (918) 732-7963
Toll Free Number: (800) 482-1979 x 7963
Fax: (918) 732-7971



Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone Email
Diana Billie Director (918) 732-7963 (918) 691-6006
JoEtta Toppah Assistant A.G. (918) 732-7963 (918) 758-7857
Pat Coachman Community Finance Officer (918) 549-2491 (918) 752-8530
Richard Anderson Community Specialist (918) 732-7964 (918) 752-7939
Jason Harley Community Specialist (918) 732-7962 (918) 758-6937
Kristie Harjo Office Clerk (918) 732-7963
Trevor Morgan Field Specialist (918)732-7963 (918) 752-7404

Community Maintenance Crew
Louis Zamora Conrad Woodfork Steve Hill Alex Dennison

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we rent our Building?

Since there is no Facility Use Agreement in place, refer to Title 11 – Sec. 6-403 paragraph C-

“Paragraph B shall not restrict the use of Community Centers by churches, ceremonial ground and other individuals or groups for educational activities, funerals and wakes, fundraising activities or other approved uses for Tribal citizens in accordance with Tribal laws and customs. The use of Community Centers for such purposes shall be subject to approval by the Community Board of Directors prior to such use in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Community Board of Directors”

When is the annual single outside audits due for Communities with enterprises?

The single outside audits are due 120 days after the fiscal year end of the current year.

Does the Tribe pay for the audit?

No the Tribe does not pay for the audit; the cost of the audit is the Communities responsibility.

Who is responsible for insuring the Community Buildings?

The Nation insures the buildings, but if you are a community with an enterprise; it’s the community’s responsibility to insure the content of the enterprise i.e. tobacco products, store products, etc.

Will Community Research and Development or the Election Board assist communities with their elections?

Yes, but the communities will need to agree to CR&D and the Election Boards policies and procedures for community elections.

What if a community cannot get an audit completed in 120 days?

Write a letter to the Principal Chief requesting an extension.

What type of financial reporting is required from communities without an enterprise?

Communities that do not have any type of enterprise are required to provide to the Controller a financial report (general ledger) listing all financial transactions for the current fiscal year.

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