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A proud heritage of serving Native American children since 1891.

The dorm is located in Eufaula, Oklahoma and offers five-day residential care for Native American students grades 1-12.

All students attend Eufaula Public Schools. Students are transported to the facility on Sunday afternoon and returned home on Friday evenings. Our residential and academic support programs provide students the necessary structure and support to promote positive change.

our service fosters personal growth, healthy self-expression, inspires academic excellence, and teaches individual responsibility and respect for others.

The major goal of our program is to realize true healthy growth and assist in the creation of a positive future for each student.

Residential Services

Academic Support Services


Nutrition Services


Learning Resource Center

Behavioral Health/Counseling Services


Eufaula Dormitory has ties to the old Ashbury Manual Labor School which was first established about one mile from the Chattahoochee River near Columbus, Alabama, in 1822. The school was reestablished in 1847 in the Creek Territory, the new reservation west of the Mississippi River. The school burned in 1890, and the Creeks were without a school until 1892 when the Creek Government established a new school. This school was known as Eufaula High School. The school was co-educational until 1907 when it was made into a school for Creek girls only. In October, 1970, Eufaula Dormitory (so named when students started attending the Eufaula Public Schools in 1952) was moved to new facilities located on about 16 acres of Creek land approximately one-quarter of a mile from the old campus. The new Dormitory, which was constructed in 1969, 1970 and 1971, houses 64 boys and 64 girls. The old facilities were returned to the Creek Tribe. The new facilities consist of a boys and girls dormitory, an activity building, a kitchen, a multi-purpose room which serves mainly as the student-dinning room, a canteen and three brick cottages. A gymnasium was added in 1974. The campus also includes a picnic area, a courtyard with basketball courts and a ballfield. Muscogee (Creek) Nation has operated Eufaula Boarding School since 1984 as a peripheral dormitory through a grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The residential facility can house up to 128 students (grades 1-12). The facility is designed to provide nine month residential care while students attend Eufaula Public Schools.  Eufaula Dormitory residents attend Eufaula public Schools in grades 1-12. The town of Eufaula, with a population of 3800 borders Lake Eufaula, a popular state tourism and recreation area. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation is the fourth largest employer in the town of Eufaula, exceeded only by the Eufaula Public Schools, a manufacturing plant and two hotel resorts.

Eufaula Dormitory
716 Swadley Drive
Eufaula, OK 74432

(918) 689-2522 | 1 (800) 896-3181

Fax: 1 (918) 689-2438

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Office Hours: 8:00 am -5:00 pm

Enrollment: June 1- August 2 of every year

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