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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q. Can a high school student taking college courses receive funding?

A. Concurrent students do not fall under the Higher Education Department. Concurrent High School Student are funded by the Employment and Training Department.


2 Q.  I am in high school, how early can I apply?

A.  The second semester of your High School senior year


3 Q. How do I get an application?
A.  Applications are available online during the enrollment dates at

Click the “Education” tab then “Higher Education”

Click on the grant that you would like to apply for.


4 Q.  When are applications due?
A. The UNDERGRADUATE grant applications are due by the following dates:


If you are attending FALL SEMESTER – Applications are available March 1st to June 1st
SPRING SEMESTER – Applications are available Nov. 1st to Dec. 15th


A.1 POST GRADUATE (Masters and Doctoral Students) grant applications are due by the following dates:
Fall Semester Due By September 9th
Spring Semester Due By December 15th
Summer Semester Due By June 1st


5 Q. What are the months for the Award Schedule?
A. The Award schedule is as followed:


August – December


January – May


June & July


6 Q.  Do I need to apply each semester?
A. You only need to complete our application one time. However, you are required to send in your official
transcript and the following semester class schedule to maintain good standing with our grant programs.


7 Q.  Do I need an official transcript?

A.Yes. ONLY official transcripts will be accepted. Students may submit their official transcripts through delivery, the mail, or their institution’s e-script process. A hard copy of the official transcript must be sealed and signed by your registrar’s office.
A.1 If you are submitting your official transcript through your institution’s e-script service, you must send it to your grant coordinator and/or the Department of Higher Education’s email (


8 Q.  How will I know if I have been approved to receive the grant/scholarship?
A.  If approved, the Higher Education office will notify you with an award letter after the student or school receives the award.


9 Q.  How long does it take to receive my grant award?
A.  Awards are dispersed in the order our department receives your information (official transcript and
next semester class schedule) and students can expect to receive awards during mid-semester.


10 Q. What are Academic Probation and Grant Suspension statuses?
A. Academic Probation occurs when: a student earns less than a 2.5 GPA, but at least 1.5 GPA, during the semester; or, a student drops three credit hours during the semester in which they were funded.
A.1 Grant Suspension will occur when: a student drops below a 1.5 GPA during the semester; or, a student that drops more than three hours during the semester in which student received funding; and, a student who withdraws (officially or unofficially) without a valid reason (medical, personal, etc.).


11 Q. In case a student is on Academic Probation or Grant Suspension, what are the procedures for reinstatement?
A. Reinstatement will occur after a student completes the following semester without tribal grant funding and meets required hours and required GPA.  The required hours will be determined based on students’ previous award amount.  Students awarded for full-time hours (12 hrs or more) will be required to complete full-time hours during the suspended term; while students that were awarded for part-time hours (11 hrs or less) will be required to complete part-time hours during the suspended term.


12 Q. Is there a credit hour limit on Higher Education Programs?

A. Yes, eligible students can receive supplemental funding assistance up to 150 attempted credit hours or 10 semesters at a 4-year institution (75 credit hours at the associate’s level, 2-year institution), whichever comes first. Additionally, if a student is attending a college/university prior to enrolling in our programs, the student’s attempted credited hours accumulated prior to program enrollment are counted towards the 150 attempted credit hours/10 semesters threshold.


13 Q. Does Higher Education fund students for additional associate’s, bachelor’s, etc.?

 A. The Department of Higher Education does NOT provide funding for additional, second degrees (2nd associate’s, 2nd bachelor’s, 2nd master’s, etc.) regardless if a student’s first degree was not funded by the Higher Education program.

B. Students that achieved a higher-level degree cannot receive funding for another degree. example: if a student goes from bachelor’s to a doctoral program and skips the master’s level, student will not be funded by our department if they choose to attend a master’s degree program after their doctoral program.

14. Q. How can I receive summer funding?

A. In order to receive funding you must meet the following requirements:

  • Funds must be available.
  • Must be graduating in the summer or fall semester.
  • Must need summer classes to graduate.

15 Q.  How can I contact you?
A.  You can call our main office number: 918-732-7661
You can follow us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @MCNHigherEd.

You can email the following coordinators according to your last name:

Last Name Employee Name Email
A-C Heather Brown
D-H Taryn Morgan
I-M Jessica Lowe
P-S Brian Moore
N,O, T-Z Raegan McGee

If you are on the Post Graduate or Doctorate Program please contact:

Grants Name Email
Post Graduate Christine Durden

Muscogee (Creek) Nation
Higher Education
P.O. Box 580
Okmulgee, OK 74447

(918) 732-7661
(800) 482-1979 ext. 7661
Fax: (918) 732-7694

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