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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits
As a Muscogee (Creek) Nation Employee, you are eligible to participate in the health benefits plan after completion of the 60 days waiting period.

The following employees are NOT eligible to participate in this plan:
Non-Full time permanent employees and Indian Health Services employees


Enrollment Dates:
Upon completion of the eligibility requirements, you may enroll in the plan on the first of the month following the waiting period. If you do not enroll at that time, you will be required to wait until open enrollment or have a qualifying life event.


Health Insurance Basic Summary of Benefits:

Employees choosing In-Network Providers will be covered at 100%

Plan – Native Blue PPO

Calendar Year Deductible

Out-of-Network Only: Individual-$200/Family-$600

Medical Out-Of-Pocket Maximum

(Includes deductible)

Out-of-Network Only: Individual-$700/Family-$2,100 Includes Deductible, Copayments and Coinsurance

Rx Out-of-Pocket Maximum

In Network Only: Individual-$500/Family-$1,500

per calendar year

Lifetime Maximum Benefit

Unlimited per person


(After Deductible has been met)

In-Network: Plan pays 100% / Member pays 0%

Out-of-Network: Plan Pays 60% /Member pays 40%

Physician Office Visit Copays

In-Network: Primary & Specialist: Covered at 100%

Out-of-Network: Primary & Specialist: Deductible then 40% Coinsurance

Preventive Care

In-Network: Covered at 100%

Out-of-Network: Deductible then 40% Coinsurance

Urgent Care

In-Network: Covered at 100%

Out-of-Network: Deductible then 40% Coinsurance




Eye exam – one time per year

Eye Glasses lenses – one pair per participant per calendar year

Frames – One pair per participant per calendar year

Contact Lenses – max benefit of up to $150 per participant per calendar year

Lasik – 100% up to a max lifetime benefit of $1,500 per eye per employee (50% up to max lifetime benefit of $750 for dependents)


Two cleanings per year – $25 deductible for restorative work

Preventative Services – paid at 100%

Routine & Minor Restorative – Paid at 80%

Major Restorative – Paid at 50%

Orthodontia – Paid at 50%

Maximum Benefit per plan per participant

Dental Services – $2,000 Annually

Orthodontia Services – $2,000 Lifetime


Coverage paid by Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Basic Term Life

Valued at Two (2) times employee’s annual salary ($100,000 maximum)

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Valued at Two (2) times employee’s annual salary ($100,000 maximum)

Short Term Disability

Pays 50% of normal wages up to 26 weeks


Muscogee (Creek) Nation 401(k)

Regular Full-Time employees are eligible to participate in the Nation’s 401(k) plan starting on their date of employment


1% to 100% of pre-tax salary to a yearly maximum of $19,500 (in 2020). After age 50 you may contribute an additional $6,500 (in 2020)


Employer will match 100% of the employee contribution up to 4%

Profit Share

Employees get an automatic 5% profit share from their date of hire/no contribution required

Vesting Schedule

After 1 year of service – 25% vested

After 2 years of service – 50% vested

After 3 years of service – 75% vested

After 4 years of service – 100% vested






Supplemental Benefits

Voluntary Term Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and Long Term Disability

Dependent Life



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