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Explorer Program

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Lighthorse Tribal Police Department is proud to be the first Tribal Police Exploring Post in the state of Oklahoma, as well as just one of the few in the United States. Law Enforcement Exploring is a program created by the Boys Scouts of America, for young people, boys and girls, with an interest in law enforcement as a possible career. The program is designed to give those that join a hands on experience in law enforcement. The program is also a way to get young people involved in their communities through the community service that the post takes part in; this also shows the communities that the youth do care about their community.

Character Building
Although character development is primary a parents responsibility, it is also contributed to by the law enforcement. The explorer who wears the uniform or insignia that identifies him/her as being associated with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Lighthorse Police Department is held to a far more rigid standard of conduct that his/her peers. Explorers are judged by the law enforcement personnel and quickly learn that only the highest standard of conduct is acceptable.

Leadership Development
Through their experience, Explorers learn and practice leadership skills similar to law enforcement personnel. Those Explorers in leadership positions within the explorer post learn the realities of being responsible for all subordinates’ achievements and short falls.


For more information on the Explorers Program please contact:


Daniel Wind III Post-Executive Officer (918) 759-7415
Joey Dawson Lead Advisor (918) 732-7800
Explorer email:
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