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Mvskoke Word List

Mvskoke Language

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Mvskoke Language

F f

Mvskoke English
fakv hunting
fayv hunter
fehpv flute
feke heart
fekhonnetv to stop
fenke flame
fenv footbridge
fepe gourd
fepkv string
fettv outside
Flite Friday
fo bee
fuco duck
fuco enhokte female duck
fuco honvnwv drake
Fuco Hvtce Duck Creek
fucuce duckling, baby duck
fune bone
fushatkv white crane
fusholattuce bluebird
fuslanuce canary
fuspafnv road runner
fusvhayv mockingbird
fuswv bird
Fuswvlke Bird clan
fvmecv cantaloupe
fvmpe smelly, stinky
fvtcecv judge
fvtcv truth
fvtcv like noon

Realizing the different dialects in the Muscogee language, the Muscogee Language Program Committee had to determine the dialect to be used for the language instruction.  The selections for the pronunciation and spelling may or may not be your customary way of pronouncing the word.  The dialect chosen is not to diminish other dialects nor does it mean there is a right or wrong way to pronounce those particular words.  It does mean, however, the program had to elect one way to teach and say the word to enable consistency in teaching the language.  Therefore, it was a committee decision for the pronunciations in the Muscogee Language Program curriculum.

This page is being provided by the Mvskoke Language Program to be of value to those who want to learn to speak Mvskoke.

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