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Mvskoke Word List

Mvskoke Language

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Mvskoke Language

O o

Mvskoke English
oce cvpko pecan
oce rakko hickory
oce tokfv birch
ocetv to have
Ocevpofv Hickory Ground
ofv inside
ohhompetv table
ohhonvyetv to read
ohlicetv to set (one) down
ohliketv chair
ohoketv to cough
Ohrolope Mucvse New Year’s
okcate pink, kind of red
okcotko muskrat (also uecesse)
okcvnwv salt
okhvtke off-white
Okkoskv Nettv Friday (“wash day”)
oklane brown
oknore overcooked, sunburned
okyeha mosquito
ome like
oporko caterpillar (also opunrko)
opunvkv language
opv owl
osafke corn drink, sofkey
osahwv crow
osanv otter
oske rain
oske enhuehkv tree frog
ossetv (one) to go out
osten four
ostvpaken nine
oto chestnut
Otowoskuce September
Otowoskv Rakko October


Realizing the different dialects in the Muscogee language, the Muscogee Language Program Committee had to determine the dialect to be used for the language instruction.  The selections for the pronunciation and spelling may or may not be your customary way of pronouncing the word.  The dialect chosen is not to diminish other dialects nor does it mean there is a right or wrong way to pronounce those particular words.  It does mean, however, the program had to elect one way to teach and say the word to enable consistency in teaching the language.  Therefore, it was a committee decision for the pronunciations in the Muscogee Language Program curriculum.

This page is being provided by the Mvskoke Language Program to be of value to those who want to learn to speak Mvskoke.

Mvskoke Language Program
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