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Mvskoke Words

Mvskoke Language


English Mvskoke
Hello Hesci
How are you? Estonko
I’m doing fine. Here Mahe
And you? Mon Centv?
What is your name? Naket Cehocefkvte?
My name is Mary. Mary Cvhocefkv Tos.
My clan is Bird. Fuswvlke Toyis.
Where do you live? Estvmin Like Cet Towa?
Thank you. Mvto
Okay (No word for “You’re Welcome”) Enkv
I will see you again. Hvtvm Cehecares
I like to play. Ahkopanetv Cvyacetos
I like to run. Letketv Cvyacetos
I like to sing. Yvhiketv Cvyacetos
I like to sit. Liketv Cvyacetos
I like to dance. Opvnetv Cvyacetos
I like to walk. Yvkvpetv Cvyacetos
I like to eat. Hompetv Cvyacetos
Child’s Prayer Listen Click here to read
How Great Thou Art Listen
I’m happy. Acvfvckes
My head hurts. Cvkv Vnnokes


Realizing the different dialects in the Muscogee language, the Muscogee Language Program Committee had to determine the dialect to be used for the language instruction. The selections for the pronunciation and spelling may or may not be your customary way of pronouncing the word. The dialect chosen is not to diminish other dialects nor does it mean there is a right or wrong way to pronounce those particular words. It does mean, however, the program had to elect one way to teach and say the word to enable consistency in teaching the language. Therefore, it was a committee decision for the pronunciations in the Muscogee Language Program curriculum.

This page is being provided by the Mvskoke Language Program to be of value to those who want to learn to speak Mvskoke. Approximately every month, this page will contain a new lesson, with new words.

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