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Storm Shelter Program

We are anticipating some minor changes to the program and applications will be made available when program details have been finalized.

Program Restrictions:

  • Storm shelters are awarded one time only per household at their Primary Residence in order to meet the needs of all Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens. If you own multiple homes, you are only eligible at your primary residence.
  • If Applicant lives in a mobile home, they must own both the mobile home itself and the land it is located on to be eligible.
  • Apartment complexes, duplexes, and other multi-family residences are not eligible for this program. If you live in a rent home, you are not eligible for this program.
  • If you previously installed a storm shelter, it does not qualify for retroactive eligibility.
  • Applicants cannot have a delinquent status, be in default, or have an outstanding debt owned with the MCN Housing Department.



Selection for the Storm Shelter Program will not be on a first-come, first-serve basis. A point-preference system will be utilized, with points assigned for each category an Applicant qualifies for. All citizens may apply but the point system allows for special consideration of those Muscogee (Creek) citizens who may be of higher risk of safety concern.  A preference point will be awarded for each of the following conditions:

  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation Elder citizens 65 years and older. Additional point for citizen 75 years of age and older.
  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens who are handicapped and/or disabled (must provide sufficient medical documentation identifying the restriction or limitation, not just the diagnosis.)
  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens providing caregiver services to a disabled or elderly Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen also residing in the home with the caregiving homeowner. (Proof of disability/elder status and citizenship of dependent required)
  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation veteran citizens (must provide official proof of discharge: DD 214 or NGB 22 Form)
  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens who reside in rural areas defined as outside of city limits or in townships with a population of 3,000 or less.
  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens who reside in mobile homes.   

There will be two types of storm shelters available to citizens: below-ground shelters (approx. 6×8) and above-ground shelters (approx. 4×6). However, if an applicant is requesting an above-ground storm shelter, they must provide documentation of physical limitations that warrant an above-ground shelter (i.e. Doctor’s note identifying the restriction or limitation such as use of walker, or wheelchair). Citizens who are eligible for above-ground shelters must have adequate interior space and sufficient concrete slab in which the shelter will be installed on.


Approved applicants will receive an approval letter and the contractor will contact the applicant to schedule installation. The Nation will make the payments directly to the contractor.


**The Muscogee (Creek) Nation will not be responsible for disruption of fences, property, or vegetation due to the installation of the storm shelter. The homeowner will be responsible for any necessary repairs to the area as a result of the installation.**

For more information, please contact Amy King at: (918) 549-2555.

Applications can be submitted via mail, email, fax, or they can stop by our office. Our office is located in the Housing building on the 2nd floor, Rm 223.

Mail to: Muscogee (Creek) Nation
Storm Shelter Program
P.O. Box 580
Okmulgee, OK 74447

Email to: Amy King at

Fax: (918)549-2965;  Attn: Amy King

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