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Storm Shelter FAQ

Q: I have a mortgage on my home will I still qualify?

A: Yes, as long as you show proof your name is on the deed.

Q: If I currently have a storm shelter and it is damaged will the program fix it or if not, can I still apply?

A: Our program will not fix existing storm shelters but if you are eligible you may still apply.

Q: If I have a working storm shelter but have an ambulatory disability can I apply for an above-ground storm shelter?

A: Yes.

Q: If I live outside the MCN jurisdictional boundaries do I qualify?

A: No, you must live within the MCN jurisdictional boundaries.

Q: Can I use the funds to supplement a different size/style of storm shelter I want?

A: No.

Q: Since I have multiple family members living with me or near me, can I request a bigger storm shelter?

A: No.

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