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To Bridge a Gap 2018

Bridge a Gap Conference 2018: May 21-24

River Spirit Casino & Resort

8330 Riverside Pkwy,
Tulsa, OK 74137

About To Bridge a Gap

The ​Muscogee ​(Creek) ​Nation ​Historic ​and ​Cultural ​Preservation ​Department ​is ​co-hosting ​the ​17th ​Annual ​To ​Bridge ​A ​Gap ​Meeting ​on ​May ​21-25, ​2018 ​at ​River ​Spirit ​Casino ​Resort ​in ​Tulsa, ​Oklahoma. ​ ​The ​To ​Bridge ​A ​Gap ​Meeting ​was ​established ​in ​2001 ​to ​strengthen ​government-to-government ​relationships ​between ​the ​U.S. ​Forest ​Service ​and ​with ​federally ​recognized ​tribal ​governments ​on ​a ​variety ​of ​cultural ​and ​natural ​resource ​management ​issues. ​ ​Today, ​the ​meeting ​as ​grown ​to ​over ​300 ​attendees ​from ​over ​20 ​tribes ​and ​numerous ​Federal ​and ​state ​agencies. ​ ​The ​general ​sessions ​will ​cover ​topics ​on ​NAGPRA, ​NHPA, ​ARPA, ​Tribal ​Archaeology, ​stewardship, ​and ​protection ​of ​sacred ​places ​and ​natural ​resources. ​ ​

Conference Information

Online registration deadline is May 11, 2018. On-site registration available, on-site registration includes 10% price increase.

Full Conference Registration -$200

One Day Registration- $60

Two Day Registration – $100

Pre-Conference Metal Detecting Workshop-$50

Eco Café Vendor (non-USFS)- $200

Breakout Session Room (non-USFS)- $200

Eco-Café Round Table Discussions and Poster Session
Thursday May 24, 2018
8:00AM-12:00 PM
River Spirit Casino Resort, Ballroom 3 & 4

Eco-Café is a prime opportunity for individuals, project teams, agencies, organizations, businesses, and Tribes to share information and interact with To Bridge A Gap attendees. Interested participants can submit a poster or have a round table exhibit booth to discuss unique projects, original research, special studies or other subjects related to cultural resources, archaeology, Traditional Cultural Properties, ecology, NAGPRA/ARPA, NHPA, GIS, success stories, environmental issues, climate change, tribal consultation, etc.

Round Tables are open focus groups convening on matters of interest to the To Bridge A Gap attendees. Round tables can be used for discussion purposes, informational booth, or for promoting an organization or agency. Past examples include employee recruitment round table, NPS discussion of National Historic Trails, AmeriCorps recruitment, etc. A Round Table abstract is required to reserve your spot. Abstracts should be 100-250 words and be submitted to Marla Collins by May 2nd 2018. Abstracts should include a discussion topic or information about the organization and highlight the participant’s names and contact information. Abstracts will be published in the conference program. Round Tables will be allowed to set-up for four hours and the table fee is $200/table. USDA Forest Service and not-for-profit organization are not subject to this fee.

Poster Session will feature a first, second, and third place winner. The 2018 poster session will feature a new option for digital submission. The Digital Poster Format will help those who wish to submit a JPEG format of their poster to alleviate traveling with a poster tube. The Digital Posters will be displayed on a slideshow through a Flat Screen TV and rotate so voters have the opportunity to view many posters in one location. To Bridge A Gap Attendees will receive a special “Poster Ballot” in their registration bag for voting.

Poster Guidelines:
All entrants please send 100-250 word abstract to Gano Perez by May 2nd, 2018.
Poster Size = ~24”x36” or smaller and legible from at least 2 meters distance.
Poster presentations must cover the material as cited in abstract and be concise and self-explanatory.
Make available contact information on your poster for any questions or further discussions.
Digital Poster submissions need to be emailed with a high quality JPEG format to by May 14th 2018 and are advised to bring a back-up on a memory stick, should any problems occur on the day of the gallery.

Audio-Visual Equipment Needs: If you require access to an electrical outlet, or audio-visual needs, please contact Gano Perez, (918.732.7761 or email: by May 2, 2018 so that we can accommodate you.

All Participants are responsible for shipping and setup/breakdown of all materials before, after and during the Eco Cafe. Any items left behind will be discarded accordingly.

Click here to download Eco-Cafe information

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