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Unofficial Election Results

These results are unofficial and will not be official until Friday at 5:00 pm.

Run Off Election

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017

Total votes including absentee ballots

National Council Delegate Creek District Seat B
George Tiger 1197 37.70%
Patrick Freeman JR. 1978 62.30%
National Council Delegate Okfuskee District Seat B
Franklin Coachman 1367 43.36%
Travis Scott 1786 56.64%
National Council Delegate Okmulgee District Seat B
 Carmin Tecumseh-Williams  1530  48.14%
 James Jennings  1648  51.86%
 National Council Delegate   Tukvpvtce District Seat B
 Edwin Marshall  761  24.11%
 Thomasene Yahola-Osborn  2395 75.89%
 National Council Delegate   Tulsa District Seat B
 Cherrah Giles  1330 42.13%
 Lucian Tiger III 1827  57.87%

Report from MCN Election Board

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