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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

The Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources stewards the Muscogee Nation’s natural resources, manages the agribusiness operations and fosters leadership training and personal development opportunities for Muscogee youth.  Programs include Fencing, Looped Square Ranch and Meat Company, Storm Shelters, Ag Youth and Wildlife.

Wildlife Program

Wildlife Code 23-24 (General Hunting Regulations)
Conservation Regulations 23-24 (Season Dates, Bag Limits)

Click the link below to submit a harvest report according to TR 22-145 using your Muscogee Nation Roll Number as your hunting license number. You will receive a carcass ID number once you submit the form. This carcass ID will need to be attached to the animal once it is submitted. This carcass ID is a valid form showing harvest within the Muscogee Nation Reservation boundaries that can be used to submit an animal for meat processing or taxidermy.

Click here for Harvest Report

To hunt or fish within the Muscogee Reservation, Muscogee Citizens need not purchase a state license. They must follow along with the conservation regulations posted above, check-in deer and turkey on the form above, carry their citizenship card on their person, and if they are hunting they must have a hunter safety certification unless exempt.

The Wildlife Permit is open to all Muscogee citizens regardless of their residency and is an access permit to hunt, fish and/or gather on DANR specified lands. The permit is free, but you must provide a copy of your citizenship card and show the permit while on the properties. To apply for this permit to gain access to the lands designated on the maps listed further down this page, fill out the form below.

Wildlife Permit Online Application

This is open to all citizens that live in or out of the reservation. The permit is free; citizens need to provide a copy of their Muscogee Creek Citizenship Card and fill out the form to receive their permit.
You will need to upload a copy of your citizenship card in jpeg. or pdf. the format or you may email it to with your name in the subject line.
You may also schedule an appointment to apply in person by emailing

Please note that this permit is a trespassing permit that allows you to access the lands that the wildlife program specifically manages for our citizens. The directions to these properties and the maps of each property are listed below.

Hunting Maps and Resources

Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering Form
Hunting Map – Little Sand – Aerial
Hunting Map – Little Sand – Topo
Hunting Map – Tiger Mountain – Aerial
Hunting Map – Tiger Mountain – Topo
Hunting Map – Hanna Farm – Aerial
Hunting Map – Hanna Farm – Topo
Hunting Map – North Mac – Aerial
Hunting Map – North Mac – Topo
Hunting Map – South Mac- Aerial
Hunting Map – South Mac – Topo
Hunting Map – The 400 – Aerial
Hunting Map – The 400 – Topo

Please complete the Wildlife Permit online or schedule an appointment to apply in person by emailing
For more information on the Wildlife Program, please call (918) 549-2555.

Ag Youth Program

The following services are offered to Muscogee citizens, 8-19 years of age, who live within the Muscogee Reservation and are enrolled in 4-H or FFA.

Livestock Assistance Program

This program is designed to help offset the cost of a livestock show project (cattle, sheep, goats, or pigs). Each student is eligible for $500 annually.

Livestock Assistance Guidelines

Archery Program

Each student is eligible for $300 annually to help purchase archery equipment to be used in their 4-H or F.F.A. programs.

Archery Application

Leadership Training Program

Each student is eligible for$300 annually to attend various leadership activities, camps, conventions, and State and National sponsored leadership training.

Poultry Program

Offers $150 annually for students to purchase poultry, rabbits, feed, or equipment used in poultry production.

For more information on any of the Muscogee Nation’s agriculture programs, please contact Billy Haltom, at 918-732-7628.

Youth Ag Program Application
Reimbursement Form