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Head Start Program

The Head Start Program is based on the premise that 3-5 year old children from income-eligible families can benefit from a social and educational program. The overall goal of Head Start is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children who may be economically or educationally disadvantaged. Head Start’s approach is based on the philosophy that a child can benefit most from a comprehensive interdisciplinary program to foster development and remedy problems through the involvement of the child’s entire family and the community.

MCN Head Start Program strives to ensure a quality learning experience through teamwork with families, communities and staff on a continued basis.


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2023-24 School Calendar

Headstart Brochure

FY 2021-2022 Annual Report

Our Vision

To provide a program where pre-school age children are offered an early educational experience that will build the foundation to become a lifelong learner

Our Mission

The mission of our Muscogee (Creek) Nation Head Start Program is to provide children and families a Comprehensive Early Childhood experience with parental, staff, community, and tribal involvement that will build the foundation for positive lifetime growth and development.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Education: We value the education of our children; therefore, we create a learning environment that enhances children’s abilities to succeed in school and later in life.
  • Family Services: We believe that services are family-centered; therefore, we value that children develop in the context of their family and culture, and parents are respected as the primary educators of their child.
  • Mvskoke Language: We value the Mvskoke language; therefore, we believe in efforts to preserve and teach with an emphasis on retaining the Mvskoke language that children will pass along to future generations.
  • Health: We empower children, and those involved with Head Start; therefore, we value healthy lifestyles, with an emphasis on developing self-care and wellness choices for life.
  • Nutrition: We believe that providing good nutrition is important in developing healthy nutrition habits; therefore, we value that staff and families working together will help in identifying children’s nutritional needs, cultural preferences, and dietary needs.
  • Transportation: We value the opportunity to provide safe transportation to our Head Start children and families.