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Department of Higher Education

The Department of Higher Education, a program of the Department of Education and Training, administers grants and scholarship programs to enrolled citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Our purpose is to provide supplemental financial assistance to Creek students pursuing a college-level education.

The Higher Education Department encourages a positive student experience and graduation by providing supplemental financial assistance to student-citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation in pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree.

Deadlines for Submittal

Undergraduate Grants
Fall Application: March 1 – June 1
Spring Application: Nov. 1 – Dec. 15

Post Graduate Grants
Fall Application: March 1 – Aug. 1
Spring Application: Nov. 1 – Dec. 15

Online submittal only of applications. We do not accept emailed or faxed copies of applications.
Supporting documents however can be faxed or emailed:


Call Higher Education: 918-732-7661

Undergraduate Grants Available

The Department of Higher Education Administers three (3) grant programs for students pursuing an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. Beginning March 1, 2024 Undergraduate Applications will be available on the Muscogee Nation Camphouse Portal.

Please ensure you review our information and requirements for each grant. The Tribal Grant and BIA Scholarship are included in this application.

Tribal Grant, Tribal Incentive, BIA Grant Information

Undergraduate Student Handbook

Beginning with the Fall 2024 Semester

  • Undergraduate continuing students must re-apply each semester on the Camphouse Portal.
  • Continuing Students need to submit their official transcript from the semester in which they were funded and a class schedule for the upcoming semester to stay eligible for the program.
  • Higher Education continuing student’s deadline to submit an Official Transcript to be considered for the Tribal Incentive Grant are January 31st for the Fall Semester and June 30th for the Spring Semester.
Applying for the First Time

You will need to create a Camphouse Portal account or verify your current information.

Reapplying for a Grant and Have a Camphouse Account

Your previous applications will be added to your Camphouse account!

Reapplying for a Grant and Do Not Have a Camphouse Account

Your previous applications will show up in your NEW Camphouse account once you have created it!

Camphouse Portal

Please contact Camphouse support with any questions regarding your Camphouse account at (918) 549-2760 from 8am–5pm, M–F.

Refer to the Higher Education Undergraduate Student Handbook for more information regarding Higher Education grants and scholarships and documents needed for new applicants.

Call Higher Education: 918-732-7661

Post Graduate Grants Available

Master’s Program

The post-graduate program was established to provide financial aid opportunities for members of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to further their education beyond a bachelor’s degree for a first-time Masters’ Degree. The award amount is determined by the number of hours in which the student is enrolled up to a maximum of 9 hours. The award rate = $250 per credit hour.

Please ensure you review our information and requirements for this grant.

Call Higher Education: 918-732-7661

Master’s Program – Information

Master’s Program Student Handbook

Master’s Program Application

Doctoral Degree Program

Please ensure you review our information and requirements for this grant.

Call Higher Education: 918-732-7661

Doctoral Program – Information

Doctoral Program Student Handbook

Doctoral Program Application

Post Graduate Student Information Update Form

If your school information changes while you are on the Post Graduate Programs, you are REQUIRED to complete an updated Student Information Update Form.

Post Graduate Student Information Update Form

Emergency Scholarship Fund

This is not currently available. Funds have been exhausted for this fiscal year.

Purpose: The Emergency Scholarship Fund is established to provide assistance to Muscogee Higher Education students to pay for the debt that is preventing their effort to complete their education.

Please review the application for scholarship information and required documentation.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Student must be an enrolled citizen of The Muscogee Nation and possess a Citizenship card
  2. Student must be or have been on the Higher Education program
  3. Student must be responsible for providing a DETAILED letter explaining the reason for financial hardship (financial aid exhaustion, student status change, etc.);
  4. Student must be enrolled in an accredited institution of Higher Education that offers degree programs

 Required Documents

  1. Copy of The Muscogee Nation Tribal Citizenship Card
  2. Copy of the bill stating the amount owed and to whom it is owed; and
  3. Additional eligibility criteria shall be determined and requested by the reviewing committee (Example:  Financial Aid, invoices, etc.)

Emergency Scholarship Application