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We’re thrilled to connect with you here and provide updates, insights, and important information about transportation and road infrastructure in our tribal community. As stewards of our lands, we strive to ensure safe and efficient transportation for all.

Remember, roads are not just pathways; they connect us to our families, communities, and traditions. Let’s embark on this journey together, making our MCN transportation system a source of pride and prosperity for all.


Department of Transportation/ Federal Roads
12805 East Gun Club Road
Okmulgee, OK 74447
Main: 918-549-2711

David Ford
Federal Roads Manager
Office: 918-732-7916

Shelby Deere
Tribal Transportation Planner ll
Office: 918-549-2711

Tami Humphrey
Federal Roads Administrative Assist.
Office: 918-732-7915

Brent Coleman
Inspector/ Utility Coordinator
Office: 918-549-2715

Todd Reiner
GIS Analyst
Office: 918-732-7910

Tara Sexton
Right of Way Specialist
Office: 918-732-7907

Road Force Crew
JJ Mead, Forman
Lucas Stanley
Alex D
Rodney Ford