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Employment and Training

To provide career and educational opportunities through quality, culturally focused guidance to enhance self-sufficiency, involve community and family, and promote a stronger workforce.

Employment & Training Online Application

Eligibility of Participants

  1. Participants must be members of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation or another Federally Recognized tribe and reside within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation boundaries.
  2. Members of other Federally Recognized Tribes must meet income guidelines.

For more information about Employment and Training Program, please contact 918-732-7773.

Income Guidelines

GED Assistance for Participants

  1. GED Test – Assistance with payment of the GED test one time per participant. *No reimbursements.
  2. GED Incentive – A $300 incentive for completion of the GED. *Must turn in scores within 90 days of completion.

For more information about GED Assistance, please contact 918-732-7773.

GED Documents Needed

Support Service

  1. New Employment – Financial assistance for employment-related expenses when obtaining new employment after at least a 30-day break.  Two times maximum.
  2. Job Retention – Advisement & Referrals

For more information about Support Services, please contact 918-732-7773.

Support Service Documents Needed

Career Readiness Support

  1. Resume Building—Assistance with creating and updating personal resume.
  2. Job Search—Assistance with learning how to find jobs in the client’s local community.
  3. Career Assessment—Assistance in determining and exploring career interests and options.
  4. Life Skills—Workshops and other opportunities to learn and practice employability skills.
  5. Work Keys—An assessment to help individuals build their skills to increase opportunities and develop successful career pathways.

For more information about Career Readiness, please contact 918-732-7773.

Classroom Training

  1. Full Time–Bi-weekly allowance payments for attendance at the OSUIT, or approved Technical Schools. Part-Time – Assistance with tuition, books, equipment, and other related fees at approved Technical Schools. Approved Technical Schools: Central Tech, Green Country, Gordon Cooper, Indian Capital, Kiamichi, Tulsa Tech, and Wes Watkins.
  2. OSUIT Registered Nurse–Monthly Stipends, tuition, and book assistance for full-time students in the Registered Nurse program at OSUIT.
  3. Compressed Natural Gas–Monthly Stipends, tuition, and book assistance for full-time students in the Compressed Natural Gas program at OSUIT.

Classroom Training Documents Needed

For more information about Class Room Training, please contact 918-732-7773.

Youth Works Services

A variety of services to support the employment and educational goals of youth ages 16-21. These services are in addition to the other services provided by the Employment & Training Administration.

  1. Year-Round Work Experience — Part-time and full-time work experience for youth experiencing additional challenges of pregnancy, parenting, high school dropout, legal issues, disability, homelessness, foster care, etc.
  2. ACT Test – Assistance with one ACT test fee per year for Summer Youth participants or Muscogee citizens meeting income guidelines.
  3. SPURS — Assistance up to $200 per semester towards fees for students enrolled concurrently at OSUIT. Participants must meet income guidelines.
  4. Life Skills—Workshops and other opportunities to learn and practice employability skills.
  5. Summer Youth Employment – Eight weeks of summer employment for youth ages 16-21.

For more information about Youth Works, please contact 918-732-7773.

Tribal Grants and Incentives

  1. A grant for enrolled Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizens attending accredited Vocational Institutions Nationwide.  An incentive is also available for students obtaining the required Grade Point Average.
  2. High School Students enrolled concurrently at public universities or technical schools in the state of Oklahoma are also eligible for assistance.

For more information about Tribal Grants & Incentives, please contact 918-732-7773.