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Services offered for citizens beyond the reservation:

Note that each program may have different eligibility requirements and guidelines. The information included is subject to change without notice.
Contact information and many required forms are available on the Nation’s website.


Beyond the Reservation Services Packet



Human Services:

Phone: 918-549-2880
Fax: 918-549-2494
Toll-Free: (800) 482-1979


Department of Education & Training:


Department of Interior Affairs:

Historic and Cultural Preservation

The purpose of the Historic and Cultural Preservation Department is to ensure the protection and preservation of valued historic and cultural resources for future generations. The Historic Preservation Office serves as the contact for statutory and regulatory compliance consultation regarding Federal Historic and Cultural Preservation Laws.

For more information on our library and/or archives or our Cemetery Project, please contact 918-732-7733


Realty Trust Services – 

  1. Trust Probates
  2. Removal of Restrictions Mortgage Approval
  3. Advice on the surface property
  4. Leases: Agricultural, Hunting, Business.
  5. Right of Way
  6. On-site inspections
  7. Surveys for Restricted/Trust Properties Only
  8. Appraisals for Restricted/Trust Properties Only
  9. LTRO (Land Title Records Office)
  10. Environmental

For more information on our Realty Trust Services, please contact 918-732-7713


Department of Commerce:


Independent Agencies:

Muscogee (Creek) National Council:


Anne Townsend-Edwards
Tribal Liaison
Citizens Beyond the Reservation

800.482.1979 ext. 2709

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Beyond the Reservation – OKC Outreach Event