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MCN Office of Child Support

Our Mission

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation has a duty to ensure that the children of our nation receive support from both parents. The Office of Child Support Enforcement was created to:

  1. Enhance the well-being of all Indian children.
  2. Promote the family unit.
  3. Provide assistance in obtaining support, locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing support obligations, and monitoring and enforcing those obligations.

Our Goal & Objective

  1. Reduce Indian Child Poverty
  2. Increase family stability and self-sufficiency
  3. Work to reestablish the parent-child relationship
  4. Work with other IV-D agencies to provide child support services
  5. Locate absent parents
  6. Determine parentage if necessary
  7. Establish and modify child support orders
  8. Collect and distribute child support in an efficient and timely manner
  9. Reduce court actions through mediation
  10. Affirm our tribal sovereignty and cultural integrity

Services Provided

  1. Collect and distribute child support in an efficient and timely manner
  2. Work with other IV-D agencies to provide Child support services
  3. Locate absent parents
  4. Establish Legal Paternity
  5. Establish and modify child support orders

Services Not Provided

  1. Divorce Actions
  2. Property Settlements
  3. Legal Representation of Either Party
  4. Legal Advice
  5. Custody and Visitation


You are eligible to apply for Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Services if you or the child are members are eligible for membership in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation or if the child are members are eligible for membership in a federally recognized tribe and live within the boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.  The children must be living in the home of the custodial parent.

Downloadable Forms

Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Application
Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Request of Review


Pay Near Me
Muscogee (Creek) Nation District Court

Okmulgee Office:
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Office of Child Support

2951 N. Wood Drive, Ste. 245
Okmulgee, OK 74447
918-295-0800 or 800-482-1979

Tulsa Office:
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Office of Child Support

1000 Riverwalk Terrace, Ste. 200
Jenks, OK 74037
918-295-0800 or 800-482-1979