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MCN Department of Interior Affairs

The Muscogee Nation Department of Interior Affairs is tasked with the implementation and management of numerous tribal resources including transportation, land and natural resource management, and tribal construction.

Arbor Care Services

The goal of this service department is to provide Muscogee citizens, Tribal entities, and Tribal Departments, arbor care services with no out-of-pocket expenses to them.

Guidelines for this program are as follows:

  1. Must be a Muscogee Creek citizen and the property where the work will occur must be Creek owned, no rentals.
  2. Will only perform services that pose a threat to life or property.
  3. Citizens must sign a pre-approval form before the task is performed.
  4. Tree service will be performed per SOP only.
  5. Only tree trimming services will be performed.
  6. Brush pickup will be storm debris only and stacked for access – within close proximity to the home.
  7. No shrubs will be cut or trimmed.
  8. No stump grinding
  9. Removals – Wood will be left on-site to be hauled at a later date.
  10. No fence rows are cleared, unless between houses.
  11. No trimming of trees for mowing access.

For more information on Arbor Care services, please call 918-752-8577.

Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

The Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources stewards the Muscogee Nation’s natural resources, manages the agribusiness operations and fosters leadership training and personal development opportunities for Muscogee youth.  Programs include Fencing, Looped Square Ranch and Meat Company, Storm Shelters, Ag Youth and Wildlife.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Natural Resource Conservation District Program

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Natural Resource Conservation District is authorized and organized to represent, develop, protect and advance the view, interests, education, and resources of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation including both tribally and individual-held fee, restricted and trust Indian lands.

Conservation District

Geospatial Department

The Geospatial (GIS) Department of the Muscogee Nation is charged with mapping and documenting the resources of the Muscogee Nation within the Reservation.


Historic and Cultural Preservation Department

The purpose of the Historic and Cultural Preservation Department is to ensure the protection and preservation of valued historic and cultural resources for future generations. The Historic Preservation Office serves as the contact for statutory and regulatory compliance consultation regarding Federal Historic and Cultural Preservation Laws.

*Eligibility will be limited to one (1) service every four years. In the event that the applicant does not own the property, the landowner’s written permission must be obtained by the applicant and documented within this application.

For more information on our library and/or archives or our Cemetery Project, please contact 918-732-7733.

GPR Application
Cemetery Application

Tribal Transit Program

The Tribal Transit Program provides public transit services within the Muscogee Nation Reservation.  These services are available to anyone residing in the communities and are not limited to tribal citizens. Muscogee Nation Transit partners with Ki Bois Area Transit (KATS) to service areas where or when the Muscogee transit system is not available.

Call for a ride or for more information contact:
Okmulgee Office:
918-732-7909 or
Southern Regional Office: 405-452-1182

Trolley Routes Map
Non-Discrimination Statement
KATS – Information

Department of Transportation

We’re thrilled to connect with you here and provide updates, insights, and important information about transportation and road infrastructure in our tribal community. As stewards of our lands, we strive to ensure safe and efficient transportation for all.

Department of Transportation

Tribal Construction Services

To provide design and construction services on all tribal projects that fall under the jurisdiction of TCS per tribal law. The services may be in form of actual design, oversight of contracted projects, or actual physical construction of projects.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Law
Title 28 Chapter 7

Tribal Construction – Request for Service

For more information on Tribal Construction Services, please call 918-549-2465.

Tribal Driveways Program

The Tribal Driveways Program provides driveway maintenance for Muscogee citizens and property owners who reside within the Muscogee Reservation.
For eligibility requirements and services, please see the Driveway Repair Application.

Submit by email to: moc.noitaneegocsum@gnolT

For more information on the Tribal Driveways Program, please call 918-732-7651.

Driveway Repair Application
Driveway Repair for Organization Application
Grave Digging Assistance Application