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Mvskoke Language Program

Estonko! We are the Mvskoke Language Program and we provide language resources and classes to the Mvskoke people to preserve our language, culture, and sovereignty. We love our people and want to promote unity within our nation as well as keeping the sovereignty that we have and promoting pride in our culture and practices. We hope you’ll come learn with us and keep The Language alive! Mvto!

Mvskoke Language Website

The Mvskoke Language Website is a centralized location for those in our community who are wanting to learn their language. It includes resources, lessons, upcoming events, and information about the Mvskoke Language Program. There is even a special section that is only for our Mvskoke citizens that includes more culturally specific lessons. Join us in keeping our language strong!

Mvskoke Language Website

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Language Audio Link – 1st Level

Language Audio Link – 2nd Level

Language Audio Link – 3rd Level

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Mvskoke Language Lessons

Mvskoke Language Program

1008 E Eufaula St
Okmulgee, OK 74447

Business Hours

(918) 732-7649