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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The mission of the MCN Tribal TANF Program is to strengthen American Indian and Alaskan Native Families’ ability to attain self-sufficiency by proving financial assistance, work experience opportunities, and career coaching in a consultative manner that educates, encourages, and promotes self-reliance.

Together Advancing Native Families

TANF Workshop Calendar and Registration Instructions

22-23 Weekly Deadlines
22-23 Weeks Schedule
Needy Family MER
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What is TANF?

The Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program is established to increase a family’s ability to attain self-sufficiency by providing cash assistance on a time-limited basis.  Assistance is provided to Family and Non-needy caretaker relatives provided all Program requirements are met.

A new emphasis on work and personal responsibility requires Families to engage in weekly work activities.  A total of 20 hours is required for a 1-parent household with a 2-parent household required to complete 30 hours.

Non-needy caretaker relatives’ assistance is provided to care for a child/ children in a relative’s home.  Participation in weekly work activities is not a requirement for these types of cases.

TANF is able to assist non TANF families with nonrecurring short term benefits provided guidelines are met. These benefits include Housing Expenses, Emergency Shelter Expenses, Utilities and Food.

TANF also assists with Diversion services which are provided to applicants who have accepted employment or are currently employed with a barrier to maintaining said employment if certain criteria is met.

To inquire about the Tribal TANF Program please call:

918-549-2880 or Toll Free: 1 (800) 482-1979 Ext. 7985 and ask to speak to an Intake Specialist.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Verification of at least one member of the applicant family who is a citizen (enrolled) of a Federally Recognized Tribe.
  2. Services all 11 counties within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal jurisdiction with exceptions.
  3. Meet income guidelines
  4. Must have dependent children in the home


  1. Eligibility Form: form may be completed in the office during intake appointment or emailed to
  2. Self-Assessment Survey: survey concerning education level, job skills, hobbies & interests must be completed prior to Planning Visit for each applicant
  3. State Certified Birth Certificates: for all household members
  4. Tribal Membership: for all household members
  5. Social Security Cards: for all household members
  6. Guardianship, adoption, or custody documentation: for each child on the grant
  7. Child Support Assignment: all third-party resources must be pursued for each child on the grant
  8. Residence Verification: must be a current utility bill in the applicant(s) name
  9. Collateral Statement: if the applicant(s) does not live in a residence of his/her own, a statement from a non-relative verifying residence must be submitted with a current utility bill in the homeowner’s name
  10. Income Verification or Other Assistance: for all household members; includes, but is not limited to, employment, food stamps, social security, veteran’s benefits, per capita payments, etc.
  11. Resource Verification: automobile, checking account, savings account, stocks, or bonds; if applicable
  12. Car Title & Insurance Verification: must be in applicant(s) name; if applicable
  13. School attendance/enrollment verification: for all school-age children is required and updated throughout the year to document attendance as well as custody and residence
  14. Immunizations: must be current for all children
  15. Marriage License/Divorce Decree: if applicable
  16. Medical Documentation/Medical Status Form: completed by applicant(s) physician regarding current medical status; if applicable
  17. Valid Driver’s License: for applicant(s); if applicable

Where to Apply for Services?
Drop box located on the entrance door.

Okmulgee Location

Safe Space Facility
3000 Warrior Place
PO Box 580
Okmulgee, OK 74447


Phone: 918-549-2880
Fax: 918-549-2494
Toll-Free: (800) 482-1979

Wetumka Location

MCN Social Services
333 S. Washita
Wetumka, OK 74883


Phone: (405) 452-1100

Jenks Location

MCN Social Services
1000 Riverwalk Terrace STE 240
Jenks, OK 74037


Phone: (918) 549-2484
Fax: (918) 298-4197