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September 19, 2016


September, 16, 2016

New Creek Nation Community Hospital on Schedule for Completion

Okemah, Okla. – The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health’s replacement facility for the Creek Nation Community Hospital (CNCH) and the Okemah Indian Health Clinic is currently on schedule to be completed by the end of 2016.  The project design was completed by 1Architect and construction began by Redstone/Manhattan in February of 2015.

The newly constructed CNCH will include a 14 bed emergency department, two operating rooms, 24 outpatient clinic exam rooms, pharmacy services with drive-thru, 25 inpatient beds, 24-hour ambulance service consisting of two paramedic level units on duty 24/7, behavioral health, optometry, and full radiology and laboratory services.  There is additional space available to add audiology services in the main building, as future growth demands this service. The new facility will also consist of a Wellness Center, which will house the Diabetes Program and physical therapy.  All current services with the exception of dental will be relocated to the new facility.  The dental department will remain in their current facility.

The present CNCH was built in 1948 as the Hill Burton community hospital, consisting of 21,649 square feet.  Over the years, the Department of Health converted the hospital space into its present use as a Critical Access Hospital housing 25 inpatient beds, an emergency room, outpatient surgery, along with an ambulatory care clinic which includes primary medical care with pharmacy, optometry, laboratory and other ancillary support services.  Many additions to the current property have occurred resulting in a blend of structures, including mobile and traditional buildings added to the site to meet the various needs of the patients served; however, some services such as behavioral health are still located off-site in other spaces in the Okemah community.

At 118,075 square feet, the newly constructed CNCH will deliver high quality health services in a modern setting, while incorporating Mvskoke cultural design features.  The design will maximize its surroundings to the benefit of all patients and staff.  The facility will support innovation and implementation of the ever-changing healthcare environment, such as technology.

The new facility will be staffed with 129 full-time employees and 24 part-time employees.  Availability of services at the new facility will remain the same as the current facility.  The hospital emergency room, inpatient units and EMS are available for public service.