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MCN Office of Tribal Administration

The mission of the Office of Tribal Administration directs and manages the activities and operations of all Tribal matters and entities that are not associated with the gaming enterprise. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Administrator and its Administrative Departments strive to provide visionary professional leadership and administration in implementing Tribal policies, procedures, and goals. Coordination of critical policies and programs that encompass focused direction of Tribal staff, proactive Tribal government relations, and positive interaction with Tribal members.

Tribal Administration is responsible for managing the following government infrastructure to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, ethics, and customer satisfaction in their service delivery to Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s employees and citizens.

  • Community Research & Development (CR&D)
  • Facilities
  • Fleet Management
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Information Technology (IT)

Tribal Administrator
Shane G. Holuby

Administrative Assistant
Lori Lewis

Call Tribal Administration (918) 549-2986

Community Research and Development

The mission of the Community Research and Development (CR&D) Department is to provide Muscogee (Creek) Nation communities with training and technical assistance while working to increase community participation through increased programming, community, and cultural outreach. CR&D will assist the communities in areas such as constitutions, by-laws, social/economic development, and organizational development. CR&D will work closely with other departments to increase the available resources and create a cooperative environment that will benefit the Nation as a whole.

CR&D Acting Director
Nicole Birdcreek

CR&D Manager
Jason Harley

Call CR&D (918) 732-7963

Community Boundary Map

Community Centers…

Program Brochure

Facilities Department

The Facilities Department is committed to providing quality maintenance and operational support to all Muscogee (Creek) Nation Departments within the reservation. The staff is committed to a service approach to maintenance and operations with the timeliest response consistent with staffing, workload, and quality. We view each department as a valued customer and are committed to continue to provide the best service possible in the following areas.

  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Painting
  • House keeping
  • Delivering supplies
  • Moving furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Parking lot lights

Facilities Manager
Silas Baker

Administrative Assistant
Rebekah Kahbeah

Call Facilities (918) 732-7885

Fleet Management and Automotive Services

Fleet’s mission is to provide our employees with safe, reliable, economically and environmentally sound vehicles. While expanding additional automotive services to Muscogee Nation citizens and employees. Please call to make an appointment.

Fleet Director
Garrett O’Neal

Shop Supervisor
Jonathan Deere

Office Supervisor
Derek Powell

Call Fleet (918) 549-2975

Automotive Services Page…

The General Services Administration (GSA)

It is the mission of Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s GSA Department to provide innovative solutions for all departments including products, services, and acquiring the best value for tribal budget expenditures. Our job is acquisitions, procurement, and category management.

GSA Director
Garrett O’Neal

Justin Beebe

Administrative Assistant
Kristen Lay

Call GSA (918) 732-7627

Human Resources Department (HR)

The Human Resources Department is committed to providing effective human resource management by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the Muscogee Nation’s goals. We are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and promoting a fair, equitable, ethical, and quality working and professional development environment by competent and courteous staff.

HR Director
Myrna Paakkonen

Call Human Resources (918) 732-7827

Human Resources Page…

Information Technology Department (IT)

Our mission is to be the trusted leader in delivering the enterprise information technology services and security solutions that enable the Nation to better serve the public; and to improve efficiently in delivery of the Nation’s services while factoring in state-of–the-art security solutions with all roles. Our primary objective is to provide a reliable and secure IT infrastructure from the network to the desktop. The IT program serves as the first point of contact for the Nation’s employees for all computing needs. MCN systems and networks are under attack daily and require defensive mechanisms and policies established to circumvent infrastructure intrusions.

Information Technology Director
Cindy Freiling

Call IT Help Desk (918) 732-7771


Office of Tribal Administration


1000 Bear Lane
Okmulgee, OK 74447

Tribal Administrator
Shane G. Holuby

Administrative Assistant
Lori Lewis

Office: (918) 549-2986