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July 24, 2019

For Immediate Release
July 23, 2019

Muscogee (Creek) Nation holds dedication for state-of-the-art bridge

TWIN HILLS, Okla. – The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Construction and MCN Federal Roads Program in partnership with Premier Steel have completed construction on a bridge that is the first of its kind. The road leading to Concharty United Methodist Church became impassable this spring due to recent flooding in the area. This road is known to present problems as it has washed away twice this year.

“We were fortunate to be able to donate this project for the benefit of the community and the members of Concharty United Methodist Church and replace it with a more sound construction option,” Principal Chief James R. Floyd said.

Premier Steel reached out to MCN Secretary of Interior Jesse Allen about the development of their Fast Cast Bridge System, which provided an opportunity to model cutting edge technology in a rural community.

“It was our honor at Premier Steel to work with Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Construction department and Federal Roads Program to provide the Fast Cast Bridge for installation for the Concharty Bridge,” Premier Steel President Andy Vanaman said. “We believe the Fast Cast Bridge, which was installed in one day, will revolutionize bridge replacement and the Muscogee (Creek) Nation is leading the way.”

The new Concharty Bridge construction was efficient in time and cost.

“A box culvert of this size would cost $50,000-60,000 and normally take two months. This is a turn-key job at $40,000 and takes a week to complete,” Tribal Construction Manager Steve Emerson said.

The Fast Cast Bridge System uses concrete, rebar and steel framing to create a bridge able to withstand a heavier load than a typical concrete bridge and rated for use on federal highways. The Concharty Bridge is more than a means for transportation, it is a passage to preserve the longstanding fellowship of the Muscogee (Creek) people.