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June 18, 2020

For Immediate Release

June 18, 2020

Mvskoke Nation Youth Council celebrates five years of service

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — The Muscogee (Creek Nation is pleased to recognize the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council as they celebrate five years of service. MNYC was founded on June 20, 2015 by a group of Muscogee (Creek) citizens ages 12-24 after several months of planning and working together.

These youth have continued to fulfill the purpose of the MNYC, which is to empower Mvskoke youth by listening and taking action, enhance their voice by promoting positive changed and informed decisions, and affect all generations and sustain the Mvskoke way of life.

After one year of being in existence, MNYC was chosen as the 2016 Youth Council of the Year by the United National and Indian and Tribal Youth organization.

The MNYC members have logged thousands of hours of service and created service projects focused on bringing awareness to issues that affect Native youth like suicide, drugs and alcohol, and teen dating violence.

MNYC members have also created events to celebrate Vietnam veterans, promoted intergenerational activities with their elders and cultural activities like the Mvskoke Youth Games.

“Being part of the MNYC for the past five years has taught me self-confidence and that I can be the change,” MNYC founding member Jasmyne Jack said.

Over the last five year, approximately 93 youth have been a member of MNYC at one time or another. The individual MNYC members are recognized on a local and national level for their leadership. The group includes a Center for Native American Youth Champion for Change, four UNITY 25 Under 25 recipients, Mvnettvlke Onaya (Youth Visionary) award recipients, multiple tribal royalty titleholders, several WeRNative Ambassadors, honor students, tribal employees, musicians, artists, athletes and more. They are a diverse group with the common goals to make a difference for the Nation.

“These youth are so passionate about helping others and about keeping the Mvskoke culture alive and well,” Mvskoke Nation Youth Services Director Nancy Mason said. “I’m so proud of each of them for what they have accomplished individually and together.”

“I am most proud of each of them for their person growth. Receiving awards are nice, but I try to remind them that just trying is half the battle of becoming better.”

For more information about MNYC, contact Youth Services at: (918) 549-2557 or