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July 29, 2020

For Immediate Release
July 29, 2020

Media Contact: Jason Salsman

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Muscogee (Creek) Nation announces Mvskoke Reservation Protection Commission

Commission will focus on long-term growth, security and prosperity in the region

OKMULGEE — Muscogee (Creek) Nation Principal Chief David Hill announced an Executive Order July 29 establishing the Mvskoke Reservation Protection Commission.

“As the only tribal nation whose lands were directly at issue in the Supreme Court case, we are mindful of our responsibility to play a primary leadership role in ensuring that the Court’s decision results in greater prosperity and safety for all,” Principal Chief David Hill said.

The United States Supreme Court ruling on July 9 affirmed the territorial boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek) Reservation, a determination that has positive implications not only for MCN, but for everyone within the Nation’s boundaries and for all governmental and private entities who wish to work collaboratively toward a brighter future for all Oklahomans.

“Members of our task force have already been hard at work addressing immediate jurisdictional issues, implementing new agreements and ensuring the continuity of government services,” Hill said. “But to give both Creek Nation and our neighbors the gains in public safety and economic prosperity made possible by the Court’s decision, we must develop thoughtful, comprehensive plans for long-term cooperation.”

The commission will be made up of Muscogee (Creek) citizens and conduct in-depth analysis of major subject areas that will include, but are not limited to: Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Indian Child Welfare and Social Services, Government-to-Government Relationships and Policy, Judicial Affairs, Legal and Regulatory Matters, Business and Commerce, and Violence Against Native Women and Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.

Principal Chief Hill will serve as Chairperson and will request that the Commission provide reports, including findings and recommendations, on any Executive Orders, National Council Resolutions, or other governmental actions that need to be taken to ensure the public health, safety, and welfare of all of those living, or seeking to do business, within the MCN Reservation borders.

Another key aspect of the Commission will be its role in collaborating with other governmental sovereigns including federal, tribal, state, county, and municipality authorities, to ensure criminal, civil adjudicatory, and civil regulatory jurisdictional issues are addressed through mutual understanding and cooperation across the many jurisdictions that currently exist in eastern Oklahoma.

“We have a great deal of respect for our sister sovereigns here in Oklahoma,” Hill said. “Our Nation has a long history of diplomatic relations with other sovereigns, from Spain and England long before the existence of the United States, to states such as Alabama and Oklahoma, towns and municipalities such as Tulsa and Okmulgee, and our sister tribal nations.”

“Our creation of this Commission is just a next step in what we know will be a successful intergovernmental framework to ensure the safety, health and prosperity of those who live and work on, in or near the borders of our Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reservation.”

Praising the establishment of the commission was the mayor of the MCN’s capital city of Okmulgee.

“I see a great opportunity for a lot of positive action we can take between the City and Creek Nation regarding the McGirt ruling,” Mayor Richard Larabee said. “The Tribe having the formal recognition of their reservation status just reaffirms what an asset they are to our community, and I look forward to working with Chief and Second Chief in keeping Okmulgee rising.”

The commission will be effective immediately, and will continue its work for one year unless modified by Executive Order. The commission will issue its initial report no later than six months from the date of the commission’s first meeting.

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