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August 10, 2020

For Immediate Release
Aug 10, 2020

Media Contact: Jason Salsman
O: (539) 286-4559 | moc.noitaneegocsum@namslasj

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Announces Appointments to Mvskoke Reservation Protection Commission

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma – Muscogee (Creek) Nation Principal Chief David Hill has announced the appointment of an expansive group of experts, professionals and authorities to serve on the Mvskoke Reservation Protection Commission.  The commission has been tasked to comprehensively undertake research, analysis and fact-finding to determine what actions and changes are necessary to develop new economic development, public safety, and social services policies that ensure a better future for tribal members and our neighbors.

“This Commission will make recommendations to build long-term changes to policies impacting health, safety, welfare and prosperity,” Chief Hill said. “We have selected experts in their field ensuring the best and brightest minds have input in this process.  Our goal has always been to build a better future for all of Oklahoma by working with tribal, state, county, municipal and federal partners, as well as, the business community.”

The Commission will review the following areas to offer suggestions and changes:

  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety
  • Indian Child Welfare and Social Services
  • Business and Commerce
  • Judicial Affairs
  • Legal and Regulatory Matters
  • Government to Government Relationships and Policy
  • Violence Against Native American Women and Missing Indigenous Women
  • General Muscogee (Creek) Nation Governance

Justice Andrew Adams, the Chief Justice of the Santee Sioux Nation of the Nebraska Supreme Court and past chair of the Federal Bar Association Indian Law Section, commented on his appointment to the commission: “We stand united in the belief the jurisdictional clarity brought by the recent Supreme Court offers all citizens of Oklahoma – tribal members and citizens – a unique opportunity to build a safer and more prosperous future.  I look forward working with other members of this commission on engaging in outreach and constructive dialogue with our government partners at all levels.”

Meet the Commissioners

The appointments to the Commission and its sections are:

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

  • Sarah Deer
  • Daniel Wind
  • Jeff Fife
  • Cheryl Renee Bourque

Indian Child Welfare & Social Services

  • Shawn Partridge
  • Samuel “Bon” Deere
  • Carmin Tecumseh-Williams

Business and Commerce

  • Yonne Tiger
  • Tracie Revis
  • Greg Stidham
  • Vivian McCutchen
  • Terra Branson-Thomas
  • J. Blake Johnson

Judicial Affairs

  • Justice Amos McNac
  • Justice Andrew Adams
  • Chief Justice Richard Lerblance
  • Judge Gregory Bigler
  • Judge Shannon Prescott
  • Judge Stacy Leeds

Legal and Regulatory Matters

  • Sonya McIntosh
  • Jeff Fife
  • Rhonda Beaver
  • Eddie LaGrone
  • Kevin Agee
  • Jesse Allen

Government to Government Relationship and Policy

  • Terra Branson-Thomas
  • Mekko George Thompson
  • Mekko Tyan Morrow
  • Mekko Nelson Harjo
  • Mekko Brian Givens
  • Lauren King
  • Robin Soweka

Violence Against Native Women/Missing Indigenous Women

  • Cherrah Giles
  • Sarah Deer
  • Cheryl Renee Bourque

General Muscogee (Creek) Nation Governance

  • JoEtta Toppah
  • Sam Alexander
  • Galen Cloud
  • Lauren King
  • RaeLynn Butler
  • Sarah Price
  • Robert Bible
  • Dr. Blue Clark