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November 2, 2020

Muscogee (Creek) Nation traffic code gets an extensive update

Over 90 pages of legislation passed into law for Lighthorse law enforcement

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Muscogee (Creek) Nation Lighthorse Police Department has expanded its traffic code to accommodate the increased jurisdictional authority following the McGirt decision.

After the historic decision, MCN Attorney General’s Office researched and drafted the new traffic code as the necessity became apparent for the Nation to strengthen its law to provide safety for all within the reservation boundaries.

The new traffic law has been adopted to provide a more comprehensive code for enforcement within the Mvskoke Reservation.

MCN Code Annotated Title 22 entitled, “Traffic Code” has been repealed and the new law sits under Title 14, “Crimes and Punishments” subchapter, “Jurisdiction; Lighthorse Authority.”

“The new traffic code is far more comprehensive than the existing traffic code,” MCN Attorney General Roger Wiley said. “The new code covers areas of the law not addressed by the existing code. Some of these areas include– driving under suspension; traffic signs and markings; bicycles and pedestrians; unlawful use of a cell phone; required safety equipment as well as many other topics.”

Wiley said other tribal traffic laws as well as model traffic codes adopted by various states were used to develop the new code.

Lighthorse Police officers will be required to become familiar with the various new provisions of our traffic law as well as the expanded traffic rules they will be called upon to enforce.