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November 12, 2020

(Left to right) Keegan, Koen and Kolby Burgess shares toys, arguments, fights but also shared protection, support and advice. The Burgess boys suit up for the Morris High School football team in Morris, Okla. (Photo Submission)

Brotherhood…on the field and off

Three brothers, one team, bond continues on football field, life

MORRIS, Oklahoma — Growing up with siblings in the house, more than likely they will argue and fight amongst themselves. It is going to happen eventually.

Chances are if someone else picks on a child that has siblings, those siblings are the first to be the protector to make sure nothing happens to their family.

For the Burgess boys’ Kolby, Keegan and Koen, that was a guarantee for them almost every day. Whether it was toys or sports they would argue and fight, but that is what brothers do.

What that did was prepare them for competitive sports, especially this season due to all of them being in high school at the same time. The boys all play football and baseball while two play basketball.

(Left to right) PeeWee Football days Keegan, Koen and Kolby Burgess (Photo Submission)

“We have been playing sports for as long as we can remember,” Kolby said. “It is pretty exciting that we all get to suit up and be on the field together.”

All three boys play both offense and defense during the football games. Senior Kolby, junior Keegan and freshman Koen, see more of each other not only on the gridiron but in the halls of Morris High School.

“It is a good feeling to not only have my brothers at home, on the field but I get to see them throughout school too,” Keegan said.

Keegan and Koen both play quarterback and while Keegan sees time under center, Koen is learning and wants to be ready for when it is time for him to play.

“The game is faster from middle school football to high school football,” said Koen. “When it is my time, I will be ready to help out in any way.”

The younger brothers get advice from Kolby because at one time he played quarterback.

“I play on the offensive line so there are things that I can see that I know they can’t,” Kolby said. “It helps them with their reads and looking at it from a different point of view or angle.”

Keegan said it is a huge help when Kolby gives him the advice.

“When he explains what he sees it helps out,” Keegan said.

While Kolby does protect them when they are on the field, there are still times when the boys get mad at each other, sometimes during the games.

“I do my best to be civil with them in public,” Kolby said. “That does not happen all the time. They get on my nerves, especially Keegan.”

Keegan does admit he gets frustrated at his brother too.

“Kolby frustrates me too, we might have an argument sometimes,” Keegan said.

Koen said he does not get involved when they argue, instead he does something else.

“I am not going to separate them when they get into an argument,” Koen said. “I rather laugh at them.”

After football season, Keegan and Koen will take their talents to the hardwood for the basketball season and then all will suit up on the diamond for baseball.

(Left to Right) High School days Koen, Kolby and Keegan Burgess (Photo Submission)

“Whether one of us plays or all of us plays, we are supporting one another, giving each other tips,” Kolby said. “We help each other and we cheer for each other.”

Their mother Carmen Burgess sees this season as a treat knowing the boys all get to suit up and be together.

“It is really nice to see them suit up on Friday nights,” Carmen said. “It is rare too. There are not a lot of families that have three children all in high school together and playing sports.”

The boys look back on the football season thrilled that they were together, suited up and supporting each other.

“I think it is awesome,” Kolby said. “My younger brothers were with me on the field and I will get to play with them again during baseball.”

Keegan said they always helped each other out in sports and daily lives while Koen could not be more than happier that he is learning from them.

“We all learn and share tips with each other,” Keegan said. “We will keep on doing that.”

Carmen will not have to wait much longer after these boys graduate and go to the next level. She has two young ones that will be ready to fill their older brothers’ shoes.

All the boys are of the Fuswv (Bird) clan and Nuyaka Tribal Town.