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December 10, 2021

8-Year-Old Brooklyn Gambill among 90 Children selected for this year’s production.

(Tulsa, OK) – Tulsa Ballet is set to premier its brand new version of the holiday tradition, The Nutcracker, on Friday, December 10. The production will feature 8-year-old Muscogee citizen, Brooklyn Gambill, who will perform for a second time with the first being in 2019.

“Performing on stage in front of so many people is kind of nerve racking but exciting at the same time,” said Gambill, a third grader at Aspen Creek Elementary in Broken Arrow. Since this year’s production is entirely different from the 2019 version, Gambill had to learn all new choreography with a new teacher and new castmates. “The new costumes I get to wear that come all the way from New Zealand and being up on stage with professional dancers is what I’m most excited about,” said Gambill. Continuing to perform and even one day becoming one of the main professional dancers in The Nutcracker is something that Gambill has her mind set on.

Like most live entertainment events in 2020, Tulsa Ballet ultimately made the decision to cancel last year’s production due to health and safety protocols brought on by the pandemic. Instead, the company dedicated that time to the reimagining of their 2021 Fall season lineup including a replacement version for the 17-year run of Marcello Angelini’s The Nutcracker. According to a press release, the new version will feature moving scenery, projections, more than one thousand costumes and new choreography by world-renowned choreographers Val Caniparoli and Ma Cong.

The first of eight performances at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center will premiere on Friday, December 10 and continue through Sunday, December 19. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased at