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May 2, 2023



Muscogee (Creek) Nation Principal Chief David Hill Responds to Governor’s Veto of Native American Regalia Bill

“It’s unfortunate that once again we are addressing an issue with Indigenous students wearing tribal regalia to honor their academic achievement and accomplishments at graduation. When students choose to express the culture and heritage of their respective Nations to signify this moment in their lives, it is not to ‘demand special favor to wear whatever they please,’ it is to honor their identity. We must continue to communicate the unique aspect of this honor, and that allowing this expression is in no manner a gateway to introduce chaos and irreverence into formal ceremonies. The overwhelming support of this bill among legislators should be a clear message that more and more people are understanding the message. Laws are made to protect these rights. It’s time that once and for all, we do the right thing by these students and respect their family choices. We’re disappointed that the Governor is standing in the way of that with his veto.”