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January 5, 2024


Statement from Principal Chief David Hill Regarding the Suspension of GRDA Commission for Muscogee (Creek) Lighthorse Officers

“The suspension of this agreement is not the result of any problem with the cross-deputization agreement. Instead, this is a dangerous political ploy driven by Governor Stitt’s desire to undermine tribal jurisdiction at the expense of the most vulnerable Oklahomans.

Our Attorney General met with the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) officials on December 22, 2023, where they expressed enthusiastic support for the benefits of working together under our cross-deputization agreement. They even began planning training events to make others aware of how well it worked.

Since that time, the GRDA has moved to suspend this agreement pending the outcome of Governor Stitt’s planned task force. Given the absence of any substantive issues related to the GRDA commission, we are left to conclude that the suspension of this agreement results from pressure from Governor Stitt and his campaign to undermine the sovereignty of tribes and deteriorate public safety.

It is beyond reprehensible for Stitt or any agency to play political games with the safety and well-being of Oklahoma citizens. We believe it is misguided to suspend any commission immediately. Violent criminals and those who harm others will not suspend their criminal activities, and there should be more police on the streets to address them, not less.

Public safety is our priority, and the MCN will continue to respond to all calls for assistance and actively protect the public as consistent with all laws.”

– Muscogee (Creek) Nation Principal Chief David W. Hill