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February 21, 2024


Mvskoke Language Program Announces Launch of New Website

OKMULGEE, Okla. — The Mvskoke Language Program is excited to announce the launch of its new online website, In English, ‘Mvskoke Opunvkv’ simply translates to “Mvskoke Language”. This brand-new site will serve as a centralized location for finding resources, video/audio and other materials that pertain to learning the Mvskoke Language.

Mvskoke Language Revitalization Project Manager, Elizabeth “Eli” Rowland-Chang, was a part of the team tasked with designing and creating the new site. According to Eli, this new site was created entirely in-house by Mvskoke Language staff members.

 “One of the important parts for us was that everything was Mvskoke language first.”, said Eli. This concept is visible not only in the choosing of the domain but throughout the website with most words or phrases displayed in the Mvskoke language first and English translation second.

The online site is divided into sections and is comprised of diverse learning materials, such as audio pronunciations, video demos, grammar and sentence building lessons, printable reference items, games, Mvskoke hymns, and resource packets. Specific language materials are divided into three separate categories: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Also, a ‘Members Only’ section will be available for exclusive access to Muscogee (Creek) Citizens. On explaining the purpose for a ‘Members Only’ section, Eli said, “One of the things that was discussed with leadership was that we wanted to protect our sovereignty and our language. So, what that means is we want any culturally sensitive material to be kept safe and within our community and nation.”

To gain access to these sensitive language materials, Muscogee (Creek) Citizens will need to apply for access on the site and have their citizenship verified through the Mvskoke Language Program.

In addition to Mvskoke language materials, users will be able to find staff contact information and a calendar of upcoming classes and events.

For more information, contact the Mvskoke Language Program at 918-732-7649.