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January 24, 2019

For Immediate Release
Jan. 24, 2019

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Human Resources offers review sessions for new policy update

OKMULGEE, Okla. — The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Human Resources department offered two policy review and question and answer sessions Jan. 23 in the Mound Building on the Tribal Complex. The review sessions followed the release of an updated policy and procedures manual earlier in the month.

The new digital policy and procedures manual took three year to complete with numerous additions and modifications. The sessions covered larger changes to policy and allowed for audience questions.

“We wanted people to know what some of those major changes were,” Human Resources Manager and Acting Tribal Administrator Dean Hughes said, “We would attempt to explain the [policy changes] or maybe detail that out, in more detail than they would get by just reading the policy.”

During the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Human Resources Policy and Procedure Review session, employees worked in small groups to answer policy questions.


Verification of Employment Requests

All verification requests made over the phone will be limited to current employment status, current or last job title and dates of employment. Written requests will be completed if accompanied by the employee or former employee’s signature. The information will still be limited to employment status, current or last job title, dates of employment and annual salary.

MCN departments requesting release of personal information such as address, phone number, date of birth, etc. is limited to Lighthorse Tribal Police and Risk Management.

Miscellaneous Leave

Changes to leave include the addition of domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking leave, breastfeeding support, leave for blood donors and volunteer firefighters and medical emergency volunteers.

Leave accrual

There has been a change in the amount of leave accrued. Employees hired after Jan. 9, 2019 will begin accrue annual leave as follows:

60 days through five years: four hours per pay period

five years to 10 years: six hours per pay period

10 years and over: eight hours per pay period.

Employees, hired before Jan. 9, 2019, are grandfathered into the previous leave accrual amounts.

Donated Sick Leave

The donated sick leave policy has been removed due to multiple instances of abuse.

Camera, Video and Voice Recording

Regarding the recordings of meetings, all parties have to be aware of the recording and accepting of the recording.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Employees who are taking a prescribed controlled substance that could impact their work performance should report this to their supervisor. Employees who test positive for legal drugs may be required to submit a medical evaluation to determine the impact on their work performance.

There are more changes than those listed within this article. Please view the policy and procedures manual for all the changes. The updated policy and procedures manual, can be viewed on the Human Resources page of the MCN website.

During the afternoon session, HR Labor Relations Coordinator Melissa Culley said general policies are secondary to departmental policies.

HR is open to feedback and concerns. Polices and procedures will be reviewed by an HR committee once a quarter.